All for One / One for All : Part II - Act VI

The pistol shot roars, dropping a templar, long years of stalwart service behind him, like a stone.

Drawing his sword quickly, and dropping his shield onto his arm, Kohler stabs in vain at the remaining guard.

Madoc steps up and strikes without hesitation at one of the guards.

The attack from Madoc is enough to lightly graze your intended target but not before one of the city watch steps in and with a swing of the sword fells one of the Temple Guards. It is enough for you to our number the guard as he is now in a defensive position but retaliates against a guard who has just been assigned to duty and works to pay for his family. He falls to the floor from the attack.

Kohler moves in to stab again. His aim is true and he stabs the guard under the arm. His boot slips on blood slick upon the cobblestones and he is not able to get much force behind the blow.

Heinz aims carefully to find an opening in the guard's swordplay. Finding the right moment to strike, his hammer makes contact with his opponent's armor, but the impact is not severe.

Madoc realizes they don't really have a chance at taking the guard alive, not in the bloody thick of the melee. He resigns himself to the fact and moves up to the other guard.

One attack slides off the guard's armor but another attack lands a solid blow.

The total ganging up by the City Guard has exhausted every attempt at felling the possessed Templar, but even through it all the guard falls prey to two viscous hits that cause the man to collapse where he stands. Finishing off the three guard, you continue to see the red aura coming from beyond the furthest room straight ahead. The door is closed and while the guards look upon it, a sense of dread overwhelms them, but they continue to look upon the three of you and yell, "Continue to show us where this great evil awaits us." As the six of you continue forward, the Temple of Ulric is shook from it's very foundation. Something sinister awaits all of you in that room. One of the men clearly blurts out, "Caution men, we do not know what vile evil lay in wait for us." Pews upon pews are passed and time seems to slow down but in that same regard happens too quickly as you find yourself near the door where chanting can be heard from, opening the door, you see four Chaos Cultist, within a black circle and High Deputy Liebnitz chanting to what appears to be a dark god. You can see the golden skull used to release a daemon of ill repute but before they have a chance, all goes silent, the prayers are answered and total blackness fills the room. Then two specks of red light filter from the daemon skull and a red mist of blood sprays out. The daemon has been released and now in the dim illuminated room, the cultists turn their attention on you.

"Witchery!!", Kohler shouts.

As he moved up between the pews he took the load to load another ball & wattle into his pistol, which he now aims and points at the eerie figures in the distance.

Heinz cannot believe his eyes. "De.. demon! .. Sigmar protect us."

His weapons still in hand, Heinz is ready for combat. Ready to die.

Behind his helm, Madoc's face runs the gamut of emotions from fear, to anger and then finally to resignation. He thought about his pilgrimage, unfulfilled to find his grandfather's shrine. His mother never to know his fate. He swallowed it all down. Sometimes all that could be hoped for was to die an honorable death in service to the Lady of the Lake.

He called forth her blessing and slowly began to glow as he readied his sword and shield for his final dance of the blades.


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