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Jesus was a Solar?

Jesus was a Solar?

I was recently re-reading through my Pathfinder Bestiary, and I noticed this part of the entry on the Solar style of angel (emphasis mine):
In worlds where the gods cannot take physical form, they send solars to be their prophets and gurus (often pretending to be mortals), laying the foundation for cults that grow to become great religions. Likewise, in worlds oppressed by evil, solars are the secret priests who bring hope to the downtrodden, or in some cases allow themselves to be martyred so that their holy essence can explode outward to land and grow in the hearts of great heroes-to-be.
So... are they saying Jesus was actually a Solar? I mean, Asmodeus already transferred from Hebrew writings to the world of D&D (and it's related worlds like Pathfinder)... why not Zoidberg? Er, I mean Jesus... wait...


No. But whomever wrote up the solars clearly had at least a passing, insignificant, familiarity with the New Testament of the bible.

Jesus may not have been a Pathfinder Solar, but he was definitely a Solar Exalted. Zenith Caste, if you're wondering.

Probably didn't go past Ess 4, though.

In the sense that some D&D god will send down one of its most important Celestial servants to instruct His/Her/Its Chosen Peoples in the guise of a chosen mortal and/or save them from some threat...sure. Why not? It could lead to some powerful storylines if your group is introspective at all.

Alright for feeding a ton of people he would just need to cast create food.

Some Christian religions believe that Jesus, in heaven, is Michael. Who would definitely be some sort of Solar.

Jehova's Witnesses. And even they acknowledge it's speculation.

Originally Posted by TanaNari View Post
Jehova's Witnesses. And even they acknowledge it's speculation.
Indeed. I'm married to one

I'm something of a scholar of human culture. I just love understanding people. And it's really hard to find anything that's more significant to defining humanity than their belief systems.

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