What is going on in that head of yours DM???

What is going on in that head of yours DM???

New OOC thread ... feel free to start posting new OOC here ... will archive the old one when CG catches up ...


No problem CG

Take your time, your in a holding pattern atm

I know I enjoy reading them

Now, forgive the potentially obvious question of my own from my familiarity with 3.5, but would having cold resistance help at all with protecting oneself from the elements?

I think NGP decided that resistance gives you a +2 bonus to the endurance checks as a house rule. I forget, although I do remmeber asking

Yah, +2 for cold resistance on endurance checks, though you're not at that stage presently

It's just getting on past uncomfortably cold -- you will notice that Jinn, Giddis & Fina are in very similar (though they have differently coloured scarves and gloves) woolen cold weather outfits -- possibly bought at the same store.

Union is just a naked crystal entity -- with a sometimes glowy light where his face would be -- sort of cyclopsy but glows from within ...

ditzie Does everyone know how to use ditzie ??

If you don't let me know and we can do a quick "How do I use ditzie" thingy

I know RZ is a ditzie legend

I've used Ditzie before. I'm nowhere near as legendary as RZ, but I'm adequate.


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