What is going on in that head of yours DM???

Yeah, after niiiiiiine loooooong days, I feel like I'm finally on the mend. I feel like I've been sick for so long, I actually got a hold of my folks to ask if I'd been through this before and they assured me that yes, this isn't crazy unusual. Still, I don't remember being sick for over a week before.

And thanks

I've been a little distracted with sick kids lately. Sorry about my lack of posting. I'll have Liame contribute to the discussion soon. BTW, he could teleport onto the roof (perhaps) if needed.

WB Ty & PB

Just working on ditzie tokens for your new companions (some idiot didn't think of them until just now ... stupid head) ...

Ping PB Details added to your post ...

sooooo.... is Gidd inside yet? or is he like a toddler trying to open a door?

Umm, you're about 30 feet from great big huge palisade doors which aren't open.

so 6 seconds later... Gidd was heading to try to open the door, look for traps/locks etc.

@ Rum A couple of things I need to know as the DM

1. Which gates are you at?? There are two sets into the courtyard, the north gate and the east gate

2. Mark up the ditzie map to let me know where everyone is when you are at the gate

3. Give me a stealth roll for when you get to the gate and an Active Perception roll when you are there

I know there are 3 things there, but I never said I could count


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