What is going on in that head of yours DM???

Well, as this is all collaborative, my personal opinion/vote is: go wild. I have no issues letting someone else play their character's strengths and taking the spotlight for a while so don't feel your stepping on my toes, at least.

If that is what Gidds would like to do, do it -- just remember, as in RL, there may be consequences

I won't stop you from doing anything (I may point out things which may have you think again, of course), but do as Gidds would do

I'd leave a day for a "big" thing, which we're coming up on now ... and you know that the others are on as they've chimed in Narrative and Strat & Tacs

A day's fine by me. I can usually keep up to speed on things at work when it's not too busy, but it's always a coin toss as to whether or not there'll be a lot of work to do on any given day.

It's quiet, too quiet (other the then sound of 3 ?? 4 ?? 10 ?? big barking dogs ...)

Yup ... that would be it ... LOL

At least the gate is open now ... see how good I am to you guys ...

*tries to get a look at the DM's notes*

Please tell me that you don't have a power listed for them that involves lifting a leg.

Ping Everyone Ditzie up -- please read the quick rules on the first page of Here Doggie doggie doggie ... combat thread.

Slaps PB's wrists for looking around the DM screen

Wanted to apologize for not responding yet. I finally got a chance to read everything last night. See, I'm good at keeping up with posts, but when it comes to reading and responding in such a way after a big gap like that, I am awful. An awful awful person. Which is why I am not happy Myth-Weavers glitched out on me earlier. (It happened in another game I'm in too, so yeah, blargh.)

I'm planning how to respond and will post today.


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