What is going on in that head of yours DM???

That's why your most likely a fantastic student CG, whereas RZ ...

Yeah, all my stuff is just pass/fail as well, even though some of it doesn't even contribute a percentage.

Hmph. When I looked at the notation on the combat sheet of Liame's resistances, I realized that my "servant of the primordial incarnation of chilling cold" doesn't have any cold resistance. I did that once with a cleric devoted to The Mistress of Fire & Ice: didn't give him any fire or cold resistances. It dogged my RP repeatedly (although the goddess in question could be something of a bitch, so I could play off his lack of resistance to it as a reflection of her hardhearted "deal with it" mentality).

After this combat is over, would you mind if I tried to rearrange Liame's gear to provide some measure of cold resistance instead of poison or necrotic?

Of course PB ... look at the posting Guide, first post

Spoiler - General Game Rules

As you guys have almost doubled the number of peeps in the group, I mentioned somewhere else that you could make changes to 3 powers / 3 feats / blah blah blah after your first combat as you were sort of rushed into getting them ready

It could be that she wouldn't want him to slay her in her glacial prison... perhaps she's somewhat paranoid of being double crossed.

Also, go team Primordial. We have fire, ice and air representing, 2 of 3 are imprisoned.

Thanks a lot for that edit, DM. I feel a lot better now. I shouldn't miss a burst of posts again because I am going to be checking this every day even if MW says nothing's been updated. >_>

Sorry all, tonight was RL Roleplaying games ...

Updating everything now

Also, just got a PM back from Ty, he offers his apologies, but he has stuff going on and would appreciate if someone did the combat for him until it's sorted.

Since he's one of our favourite peeps on here (as are you guys & gal), I'm sure you guys can manage to sort out his combat for him

Thanks all,



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