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Seeds of Destruction

Seeds of Destruction - Forum
Savage Worlds
Ad Closes: Sep 18 '12
Estimated Members Requested: 4

Theme - Think Hellboy meets Dresden files. Over the top magics, and riding fire breathing dinosaurs though the streets of san francisco. I've also been reading a lot of Lovecraft and I'm easily influenced.

Background - Game takes place modern day, the world much as it is but you have some connection to hidden world of fey creatures and the supernatural.

Where You Fit In

The Authority has deployed you to the Appalachian Mountains in West Virginia. A woman was found paralyzed outside her home, still breathing but catatonic. Normally the local branch would handle this but in recent weeks there has been a huge surge of paranormal and psychic energies around the Appalachian Mountains and The Authority operates with a ‘Better safe than sorry’ attitude so they are sending in a specialized team, you.

Applications - Apply Here

Character Concept: The general idea of your character. Are you the Eldritch Mage who read to much Lovecraft and went in search of the Necronomicon, or the street brawler who found himself in a fist fight with a werewolf one full moon.
Name: Name/Alias of your character.
Race & Gender: For race you can choose something supernatural, be it vampire, demon spawn, or fairy. If your character is accepted we will build out your race with the Savage Worlds race creation rules.
Portrait & Description: A few paragraphs on what your character looks like and its personality. Also a portrait or graphic for your character
Background: A paragraph or two on some background for your character.
Goals: 3-5 things your character is trying to achieve

No completed character sheets are needed.

Game Description:

Ancient prophecies of the chosen few who will determine the fate of the world in The Apocalypse have been passed down from generation to generation. The prophecies speek of a handful of seeds, though no one knows if these are litteral seeds, it is known they each represent a harbinger. Of what is also unknown but the seeds are given the name Seeds of Destruction in the prophecies. Several apocalypse have come and have been averted but The Authority has always known that these were just precursors of what was soon to come. The stars have aligned according to the scrolls and the signs are all evident, the Seeds of Destruction have been planted.

The Authority
A world wide organisation with connections to all governments. The Authorities purpose is to find supernatural threats and pacify them before they become public. As such different friendly races have allied themselves with The Authority to help keep the peace and their anonymity. At times there are larger global threats that are impossible to keep under wraps; evil geniuses, demonic apocalypse, ancient fey cults, etc. The Authority uses it government and supernatural connections to keep the general population in the dark with supernatural glamor and prime time television interviews.

The Players
You are part of the San Francisco branch of The Authority. The San Francisco branch is one of the least active since most of the supernatural entities are happy to blend in with the diverse and accepting culture of San Franciscans. As such you are deployed across the globe regularly to help with more involved situations. Each of you have been working for The Authority for at least a year and have proven in each mission that you can hold your own in the field.

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In working through my concept, shall we call him a back country satyr turned fed. Who causes a lot of collateral damage?

Let me know thoughts?

are you going to go for a laid back fed or a more by the book fed? And what exactly do fauns do? beside having goat legs?

Laid back fed( to clarify I should be saying member of the authority rather than fed, sorry for the confusion), still working through it actually so I'm amazingly open to input on it.

Faun's are tied to pan and satyrs so basically depending on your source they make people scared or horney and play pipes that can further amplify that. They're tied to the deep wilds and fertility. They're also supposedly responsible for that feeling that makes you look over your shoulder like you're being watched.

Have you ever seen justified? I see my dude as Boyd Crowder ( with goat legs)

Possible fae nature could allow fae magic so the goat legs wouldn't be an issue due to some sort of camouflaging spell or some such. Again I'm completely open to a dialogue here.

This sounds amazing. I'm going to write up an app when I get home from work.

Any more background on the world? And the tone? Going about constructing the ap and realized I need a bit of focus.

Updated ap expect for background an goals

Alright, so I also have an app up. I'll likely change a few things once I read back through it after some sleep, but it's all there for the most part.

Why thank you kindly good sir

Are you going for a deathly serious Mignola ( artist of Hellboy) inked in heavy blacks style world, or a more light hearted self referential take on the style?

Just worried about my character concept is all. . .


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