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Suppose I should say hi >.>

Suppose I should say hi >.>


I'm fairly new at D&D, I'v played 3.5 a few time enough to know the basics but I haven't played often. I recently have been wanting to play more but I don't live near anyone to play.

I'm thinking about starting up an adventure shortly. Probably something simple, mostly geared to less experienced players (huge influx lately. Someone ran a similar game very recently). So stick around. Apply to some games and see what happens. If I go forth with my plan, you'll see an add up.

Welcome to the weave. I am addicted.

Originally Posted by Purple Eclipse View Post
This is also my first pbp experience... but my parents always told me not to mingle with addicts. >.>
Tell your parents you do every time you speak to them. Not only are they addicted to air, they're dependent on it.

tsk tsk. I've heard about you airheads. I have to say, in all my millions of years, I've never even tried it.


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