Post-Combat Friendships??

Post-Combat Friendships??

"Greetings good lady. I have decided to throw in my lot with you and your fine company. These scoundrels were but a bit of information."

Oloben moves swiftly after Xyrhanna, standing behind her in the hallway with his bow raised. His eyes alternate rapidly between the humanoid and the stairwell above him. He does not speak, and seems ready to let the arrow fly at the first sign of sudden movement.

Coyote attaches the kusari-gama to his belt calmly and says in common while showing his hands to lower his cowl, "Greetings! I am called Coyote! I threw in with you against these bandits, intentionally. If we can take some time and chat, I am sure that I can allay any suspicions you might have of me. I would enjoy that opportunity!"

The metallic warforged walks over to Coyote with less than subtle steps. He stops right in front of the man, and stands entirely still for a moment. "Scanning..." it says, making next to no sense.

"First observation: Specimen looks promising. This unit approves of adding the research object to the group."

And with that, the warforged seems to have forgotten all about Coyote. It crouches down on top of the gnomes, taking samples of the gnomes' hair, blood and salvia. Then it gets slightly more morbid as he produces a knife and and starts cutting into the dead bodies, picking out small parts if finds interesting and feeds them to vials.

The pixie-like creature on his should leaves the warforged, hovering on her own in front of Coyote. "Eh... Sorry about my quite rude companion," she starts out fairly politely and relaxed.

"That no-good piece of scrap metal would probably be of more use reforged into swords than his current form," she continues, not so collect anymore.

"Well now. Forgive me for being suspicious, but I'd like to learn a bit more about you before we make up our minds."

Coyote does his best not to flinch as the construct bares down on him. He relaxes a little as the warforged's attention moves on to something else. Coyote listens to the pixie-like creature and says, "Most impressive hunk of metal actually. A mite terse of tongue as well as ... technical in its vernacular. Most unusual!" Coyote nods understandingly to the fey and adds, "It's completely understandable that I must past muster or vetting for you all. So, as a second show of good faith I will go first. I am called by humans and their ilk, Coyote Black.

In general, I am an adventurer for hire. In that role I have been commissioned to do discovery in this place for my employer back in the city. Discovery based on what exactly is going on here as well as who is doing it. I had been working my way into the confidence of these gnomes here in order to better infiltrate the hobgoblin cult that is active here. The locals know me only as 'Silus'."
Coyote smiles and indicates himself. He continues, "After I noticed you fine people I decided that it might be significantly faster should I cast my lot in with you all. Obviously there is mutual benefit to be had in our joining forces.

Speaking as to the skills I bring to the table, I am an infiltration specialist. I am exceedingly skilled at not being noticed. I also posses certain slight arcane skills primarily used to enhance those of an infiltration expert and inquisitive. That is not all of what can be known about me, but I am sure you will tell me if you need more, and I certainly hope that it is good enough for now.

Coyote Black at your service!"

The tiefling heaves a big sigh as the gnome falls down at her feet, kneeling she checks to see if he is still alive, finding him dead she sighs again. "Please don't let him cut into them, that's just not right..." she says to the tiny winged female as she spies Unit attempting to do just that. Looking up from her examination of the gnome she just killed, to Coyote she says, "Well.... what is to say you wont suddenly turn on us?" she slowly stands, weapon still out, but not ready for battle as it hangs loosely at her side.

Coyote answers the tiefling, "Good lady, I would venture to say, my word of course. In question though it is, you cannot know the type of fellows these were. Slavers, scum, murderers, the lowest of a very low sort. Breaking my word to such as these was warranted, I'll assure you. I request of you no more than I hope you will of me, that is, a clean slate.

And if I may be so bold, I have yet to hear a name from any of you. What business brings you to this dread place?"

Erron watches the stranger introduce himself as he catches his breath. Although the battle had been brief, he had expended significant arcane energies.

"Erron," Erron offers, moving over and extending a hand in friendship, "Forgive their manners- they're invading a hostile dungeon, and may have forgotten that there might be captives among the enemies."

"This is Xyrhanna," Erron continues, introducing the tiefling, "Oloben," indicating the elf with the bow, "Unit, and Lady Marisa Soderin, of the Fey Court," including the warforged and the tiny fairy.

Turning again to address Coyote, Erron takes his measure of the man. Whatever he concludes, he keeps it to himself, and states "I came here quite by accident, and joined this group. What is your story, and how'd you end up with slaver gnomes?"

Main Hand: Longsword Off-Hand: Heavy Shield Worn: Scale Armor

About to speak again in reply to Coyote, she closes her mouth as Erron steps up to introduce herself. Xyrhanna continues to watch the newcomer warilly.

Coyote answers Erron, "Erron, Oloben, Unit, Marisa, and the lovely Xyrhanna. Well met. Indeed sir, as you have rightly put it, these halls are filled with dark cult activity and human slavery is a very thriving part of it. There is worse yet, if you must know, and I suppose you must. Some humans are fed to the undead in the deep places where no light can find them." Coyote pauses lost a bit in reverie over the unfairness of such a fate. He continues, "As I mentioned, I am here on a mission of discovery. Who, what, where, and when. That sort of thing. These gnomes were my link to the hobgoblins. I traded them supplies from the city. This time they'll have to do without their shipment, I think, yes! And what business do you all come with?" Coyote nods conspiratorially to Xyrhanna, "My lady Xyrhanna, I approve of your cautiousness. I am of like mind myself. However, I know I will prove worthy and so my mind is at ease in that regard. You all are just as new and unknown to me as I am to you. It will take us all time to establish a working trust. Well worth it though! Well worth it."

Looking to Xyrhanna, Erron nods at her continued wariness. "Milady, it might be wise to rest briefly while we have time. We were not silent during the battle, and we might draw the attention of additional enemies."

To Coyote, Erron says "I know nothing of this dungeon or group- what can you tell me of these hobgoblins? And the gnomes- those are two races I don't usually think of in the same sentence."


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