Post-Combat Friendships??

Great...Xyrhanna says sarcastically, shall we check to see if the other doors are blocked off, too? she asks after a moment, striding over to the north door and finds it opens easily (one of the perks of being married to the DM, he can tell me what does or does not happen. She waits to see if someone else checks the eastern door, if no one does she will do so.

Coyote checks the door properly to determine what the deal is. If he can finagle it open, he will. If brute force is required he will mime a shoulder slam and step aside for someone burl ... um ... more suited to that task.

Unit walks over to the slain goblin. The warforged examines it carefully, only visually at first. When it pulls out a small knife-like instrument, Marisa interrupts it.

"Don't." she simply says, complete with a glance as sharp as a whip. The waforged stops in its tracks, then returns its tools back to its belt.

The dodgy answer from Coyote doesn't exactly increase Marisa's trust in him. She says nothing, not wanting to add 'paranoia' to the list of negative qualities of the group.

"This unit is unfamiliar with the area. Will create a map of what it has seen." Unit replies to Erron's inquiry. The only problem is that he only draws the exact same room Erron has already been in.

The northern door does indeed open easily, setting the brazier's very briefly to stirring before Xyrhanna closes the door again. Oloben similarly checks the eastern doorway, finding it likewise unblocked.

Coyote crouches, and then eventually lays, down in front of the blocked door, and discovers the problem. It appears that a number of wedges have been shoved in place to block the door from opening. This simple blockage is simple enough to remove with the application of a slender collapsible rod from his thieves tools, pressed against the point of the wedge as the door is pulled on to give as much slack as possible. He is fairly certain the door will open now.

All in the room are able to see that the goblin was indeed armed and armored, though it's dagger and short-spear are attached to its equipment rather than laying in hand.

After Coyote readies the door, he takes a second to loot the goblin. Does it have a purse? Anything else of value?

Unit seems to take extra care examining the surroundings. It does not say anything, merely looks back and forth until it seems to be satisfied. The metal staff rests in its hand, ready for whatever may await on the other side of the door.

Marisa also senses the tense situation. She dares not say anything, not wanting to disturb Xyrhanna in her actions. Her curiosity, however, almost forces her to take a peek through the open door.

if anyone actually does open the door instead of just alluding to it, Coyote reacts immediately and
One With Shadow
seems to blend with the shadows,
Shadow walk
moves a bit and
Dice Roll: 1d20+12z
d20 Results: 1 (Total = 13)
attempts to become hidden from anything beyond the door.

Erron waits patiently as Coyote tinkers with the door, pushing a slim bar beneath the doorjamb at something unseen, and is confused when the man moves from that task to checking the goblin's posessions.

"Is that door locked still?" Erron asks, indicating the doorway.

After a moment's thought, Erron states aloud to the group, "If there's no other preference, I would prefer to finish exploring the pathway we had started on, if only to assure it is clear before moving on to the other hallways."

Coyote responds to Erron, "The door was blocked with jams and I removed them. It should open normally now. I don't think it has a lock per say."

well, they obviously expect us... Let's not disappoint them. she says grimly as she heads to the newly cleared door. any suggestions on how to proceed she asks of her companions.

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