Post-Combat Friendships??

"I agree, we should rest for a few minutes, get ourselves under control." Xyrhanna looks at her companions, "and to take care of our wounds..." she adds upon poking at a puncture wound of her own. To the newcomer she gives a nod, "We shall see..."

Oloben nods his head in response to the general call for a rest. "Too many entrances here." He comments warily. "The last hallway would give us a better position."

Assuming the group acquiesces to his suggestion, they return to the hallway, where Oloben takes up position at the corner, able to view both ajar northern doorway and the hallway to the east. He does his best to hide himself, and once again takes on that decidedly arachnid way of moving as he fair scuttles into cover.

OOC:Please let me know how many healing surges you wish to spend during this rest, and any actions taken during the next 5 minutes, if anything other than quiet talking...

The new man in black is not one to leave things on the floor. Coyote says, "Let's see what they had of use, if anything." He checks the remains Unit has left of each gnome for valuables. They at least have crossbows and bolts. What else? A purse perhaps? Does anything look valuable? After he does that he searches the room for anything unusual and then settles down and moves over to where everyone is resting.

Erron sits, his back against the wall and ready to leap to attack at a moment's notice-- after all, being welcoming of a newcomer wasn't the same thing as letting your guard down.

Once Xryhanna's wounds have been seen to, Erron looks to the others. "This is no Borderland's Keep, but I think it's about time I knew what I was getting into. Why are the rest of you here?"

Coyote checks the remains, searching swiftly and efficiently for valuables and the like, as opposed to Unit's gory search for scientific information. He recovers two small sized hand-crossbows, with the remnants of a supply of twenty bolts apiece. Each wears now-tattered leather armor, and has a small war-pick upon a baldric. One carries a simple iron key. They have personal pouches of coin, rather dilapidated, and the key-bearer also carries a more substantial purse.

OOC:2 x Small Hand-Crossbow
32 Small Hand-Crossbow bolts
2 Suits of damaged Leather Armor, small.
2 Small Warpicks
1 Iron key
32 copper pieces (From the two small purses)
50 gold pieces (from the single large purse)

Looking then over the room, Coyote again notes the inscription, "Hail Von Urstadts! Ascend with Glory" on the dust-covered fresco of knights, mounted on pegasi, ascending into the clouds that occupies much of the western wall. The alcoves, containing numerous remains of deceased members of the Von Urstadt family, no doubt, look promising as sources of revenue, but time consuming to search, and perhaps a tad immoral, too.

Coyote's search is soon complete, and he joins the more wearied party members in the hallway to rest. Xyrhanna looks absolutely exhausted, though she manages to bind up her wounds in such a manner as to leave her capable of fighting onwards. Truly, she looks like she should be laying down for the night. Oloben doesn't appear to be in much better condition, while Unit's condition is difficult at best to perceive, and Erron and Coyote seem relatively fresh and ready to face any oncoming threat.

Erron then inquires of Coyote his knowledge of the hobgoblin's and gnomes...

Coyote squats down with the group laying the loot on his bedroll for everyone to see. He says, "The crossbows are nice. If no one objects I might be able to make use of one. The grip is pretty small though. Best we sell them back in the city. I have no use for the leather but we might get a few gold for it, with luck. They key is probably important. I'd discard the picks, unless anyone just must have one. And a few coins." Coyote pauses a bit while the others rest and sits in silence for a short break ...

Then he says, "So this area looks like a crypt for the Urstadt family. With such as the gnomes roaming about, I would not expect to find much unlooted from the graves and it seems a bit wrong in any case, but I am a practical man and if the group as a whole decides to search the remains here then I will help as I am able. "

If Erron has asked again about the hobgoblins then Coyote says, "I have already said what I know concerning them. They are associated with a dark cult here and deal with undead on the lower levels, enslaving and sacrificing unwary folk they capture on their business about the countryside. These two dead gnomes were my connection. Now I am with you all and I think I'll get some answers faster. I have no wine, so it's a water toast." Coyote raises his waterskin and then says, "To new companions! May we prove each other's lucky stars!" He then drinks a long pull of ... water ... and hands the skin around.

After the toast Coyote stands up and re-enters the original room and goes north. Once he turns into the northern hall he
Uses One with Shadow and Stealth
Dice Roll: 1d20+12z
d20 Results: 20 (Total = 32)
(32) every round.
does his best not to be seen. Once in the northern room he
Dice Roll: 1d20+6z
d20 Results: 13 (Total = 19)
searches it.

At Xyrhanna's plea, Marisa flies over to Unit to disturb its work. "Hey, scrap metal. Lady Xyrhanna would like you to stop doing that. It's disgusting, you know that?"

The warforged does not slow down its work, tearing through a vein with his knife. "Logic check failed. This unit does not see the connection between this task and 'disgusting'. It is a scientific experiment, rooted in ..."

"Oh, shut it," Marisa angrily interrupts. "If you keep doing that, you'll attract the wrath of the rest of the group, and they'll either put you down or throw you out. How are you going to keep up the experiments then?"

This actually causes Unit to stop in mid-motion. It sits still as a statue for a few moments. "Affirmative," he breaks the silence with. With swift movements, void of any useless motions, he cleans the dagger and returns it to a sheath in his belt. "The research would be harmed by such actions. This unit will record it for further reference. Cutting veins is considered disgusting."

Marisa lights up, happy that she actually won the argument. "Yes, please do," she grins at him. "See? It is possible to learn an old dog new tricks!" she calls out to Xyrhanna.

"Logic check failed. This unit does not see the connection between old dog and ..."

"Just shut up, okay?" Marisa interrupts him, a solid hint of irritation in her voice.

After that, Unit seems to have taken a hint. It follows the rest of the group to the safer resting place, and sits completely still and silent while the rest discuss. However, you might pick up the feeling that it's observing you closely, recording every single word and motion.

Marisa, meanwhile, explains that she is bound to help Unit in his task until the warforged dies, which may take forever for all she knows. It seems to endlessly collect data for its experiments, which she has yet to understand the point of. She explains that she would really like to follow the group for as long as possible, as travelling alone with Unit is trying for both her patience and sanity.

Though she has no special tasks in this place, she offers that the two help the others out. She does appear to be slightly suspicious around Coyote. There is a hint of something from her past each time her eyes flickers over to his position. However, she approves of him joining the group -- preferring to keep him close rather than out of sight.

Erron nods at Coyote's haul. He doesn't state it out loud, but he can repair the armor if it's necessary- although the small blood-stained scraps are hardly worth salvaging.

"Xyrhanna, Oloben, how did you come to this place? Through a portal, as I did?"

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