Post-Combat Friendships??

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Erron nods at Coyote's haul. He doesn't state it out loud, but he can repair the armor if it's necessary- although the small blood-stained scraps are hardly worth salvaging.

"Xyrhanna, Oloben, how did you come to this place? Through a portal, as I did?"
Oloben shakes his head, setting his braids to tinkling against one another. "Xyrhanna and I were hired by the city of Brindol to recover those taken during the recent raid." He explains, in an uncharacteristically verbose moment.

He falls silent for a long moment after that, "We have rescued one. We are on the trail of another, following directions from the first." This conversation occurs during the resting period.

The tiefling shoots Marisa a grateful look when she manages to stop Unit from his grisly examination of the dead body.
I think I'm about done for the time being. Xyrhanna admits as the people around her chatter on about things, her face matching the exhaustion clearly heard in her voice. She calls out to Coyote, Anywhere looking like a good place to hole up for a while?

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Marisa flies over to Xyrhanna. "You look absolutely exhausted, dear," she says with much sympathy in her voice.

"Oloben, was it? Perhaps you can scout a bit as well, finding a good place to spend the night?"

She steals a glance at Coyote. Until she trusts him more, she's not too happy about him choosing a 'safe' room for them.

Erron nods at Oloben's answer, "I'm all in favor of saving innocents," Erron says. As discussion turns to a place to rest for the night, Erron turns to unit, and asks "Unit, have you researched the spell 'Eye of Alarm'? I've found it to be very useful for safeguarding camps in hostile environments."

He hopes Unit has, because while he has a copy of the spell, he doesn't want to waste components on it if the warforged can cast it as well.

I look that good, hmmm?. Xyrhanna replies with a wry smile.

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Oloben goes with Coyote

Given that the consensus appeared to be that he accompany Coyote on his scouting, Oloben nods, a frown marring his otherwise handsome elvish features as he skitters off after the man, and they both disappear through the northern doorway.

I don't know if we should all split up... Xyrhanna suggests wearily, pushing herself up rom her sitting position, looking pointedly at the way two exited through.

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