Post-Combat Friendships??

Unit and Erron's discussion of magic is interrupted by Oloben and Coyote leaving, and Xyrhanna's face makes it clear she's not comfortable sending her friend out with a stranger- especially a stranger who was discovered in the company of their enemies.

"Milady, I'm not much for stealth, but if you want me to accompany them, I can." Erron looks to Unit- he doesn't know if this solves the problem of Oloben off with strangers, or not.

Xyrhanna, Tiefling, too pooped to party

Main Hand: Longsword Off-Hand: Heavy Shield Worn: Scale Armor

Xyrhanna sighs, moves back into the room they started fighting in and over to the doorway the pair left through and she peers down the hallway. Over her shoulder she says to her new companions, "Oh boy, I just remembered, there is another gnome on the loose... He got away and he wasn't one of these just killed..." she sighs again, "I think we need to get out of here, I cannot fight any longer, I don't think, without some good rest time, I'm sorry."

To Erron she replies, Nah, that's ok... We shouldn't split up more, I don't think.

Oloben is standing at the far end of the hall, in the dim recesses of the party's light-source. He makes himself known to Xyrhanna with a brief wave and a motion to wait...

A few minutes thereafter, he can be heard to quietly inquire, "Any others?", his attention turned down the stairwell to the west of his position.

Coyote places his waterskin in the old man's hands. He says, "Here, water, drink!" The two of them then walk back into view and Coyote answers Oloben, "No, just this one." To the group as a whole he then says, "Everyone, I have the pleasure to introduce Sertanian, Castellan of the Great Hall of Valor in Brindol. He is not in his usual garb of state, due to recent injustices committed against his person by evil gnomes. And unless I miss my guess he will be hungry. I have given him water." Coyote still watches the old man, just to be safe. He asks, "Do you know of any other prisoners? What else can you tell us of the goings on here?"

The old man accepts the water proffered by Coyote and drinks a little, but does his best to stand on his own and otherwise 'shrug off' his imprisonment, despite a nasty bruise on his face that, from how stiffly he walks, is likely accompanied by others hidden by his clothing.

"Not in my usual garb because the attack happened while I was abed, and the blasted formal robes take forever to put on, young man." Sertanian asserts. "While I am hungry, I am far more eager to move on or out of here. What is your plan of rescue? I was led about blindfolded, but I do recall that one of the captured women was held near a spiral staircase." He seems to have quite a bit of grit about him for his age, and is clearly attempting to keep a "stiff upper lip" about the situation.

Erron rises to his feet and bows at the waist, welcoming the elderly man formally. "Castellan Sertanian, pleasure to meet you. I've never been to Brindol, but my companions have been filling me in on the details of events there, and I'm eager to help."

Erron keeps quiet about the rescue plan, since this is the first captive he's met, and although he remembers one being mentioned earlier, he doesn't know where she is now. Digging into his bag, Erron gets some food and a healing potion, and offer them to the man. "Here," he says, "take this, and you'll feel a lot better."

Unit sits motionless while the elderly man is introduced to the group. In fact, so motionless he might be mistaken for a dead shell or a statue. Marisa stands on Xyrhanna's shoulder. She has trouble making up her mind about the old man.

"Forgive me for asking, but do you somehow know each other?" she asks Xyrhanna and Oloben.

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