Post-Combat Friendships??


Coyote, following the old man in speech says, "Oh my! Forgive my one-sided manners, sir. These worthies are Oloben, Unit, Marissa, Erron, and the lady Xryhanna. I am called simply Coyote! Apologies if I missed anyone's titles as we were all only recently introduced. ... On the matter of escape and return to the town, that may take a bit of doing. We are just begun in our efforts. We need to stay and free others thus trapped. Perhaps if we find a group of you you might all risk a foray back to the town as one. Safety in numbers, that sort of thing. For now I think you should avail yourself of our hospitality. ... As to the woman, Marissa, Xyrhanna, Oloben, have you seen a spiral staircase recently?"

Marisa makes a curtsy as she is introduced. "Please apologize my manners," she says.

"I will certainly help out in any way I can. Unfortunately, I seem to be somewhat in the dark. Where did you come from?"

The old man inclined his head politely at each introduction. Likewise, he accepts the preferred food from Erron, but turns aside the potion, "Nothing but old bruises now, painful, but not worth magics." He asserts.

In response to Marissa's inquiry, Sertanian replies somberly, "The hobgoblins captured me when they raided the Hall of Valor in their attack on Brindol. I was transported here along with a number of others, but we have been separated and moved around a number of times. Most recently I was held in a cage in the crypt turned supply room there..." He indicates the north passage which Oloben and Coyote had scouted.

The tiefling's eyes dart around nervously, seriously. We need to leave now. And she does just that, starts heading back the way they came. Perhaps we can hide out and rest where we left the dwarf. She throws over her shoulder to the archer.

Main Hand: Longsword Off-Hand: Heavy Shield Worn: Scale Armor

Marisa looks a bit confused at Xyrhanna, but follows her lead. Or rather, remains on her shoulder. "As you wish," she swiftly responds. It sounds like a very practiced phrase, as if she has said it countless times in her life already.

Unit springs to life, following silently behind the group. It's hard to tell if he's thinking, skulking, cowed, or something else entirely. Warforged physiology does not have the luxury of communicating information through body language, short of threats and physical violence.

Coyote remains vigilant and is a bit confused by the action. What exactly did Xyrhanna throw over her shoulder?

Nonetheless, he gathers his gear and prepares to move along with the old man, following whomever is leading.

.sorry, but I just can't fight any more today...Xyrhanna says to the diminutive female on her shoulder, this seems like a good way to get the others to actually act. We can talk on the way.

Erron holds out the proffered bottle, saying "I insist- not only can I make more, but the Warforged Unit there is acquainted with magicks as well, and capable of making more. You'll need your strength to get back and rally the people of Brindol."

At Xyrhanna's words, Erron gathers his things and moves, looking around to see whatever it is that she saw that he somehow missed. Erron keeps his pacing between Coyote and Sertanian, listening in as Xyrhanna talks with Marissa.

The old man nods thankfully to Erron, and takes the potion, drinking it with visible results. He seems pleased with Xyrhanna's decisive move to take action and get moving and moves to follow.

Oloben, on elf-quick feet, overtakes Xyrhanna to take up his usual position as scout. "That would be best." He agrees with the tiefling.

The group begins their departure...

OOC:I have the map ready, but have to 'fog of war' it for the newly initiated, and I've had a bit of a turn for the worse *wry smile* I'm going to bed for now.. You will have a few rooms of uninterrupted travel at least in which to talk as you might choose... I'll get the details out tomorrow.

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