Episode 3 - The Marik Contract

Episode 3 - The Marik Contract

MRBC Contract 10975622-JYDOW-001

Summary: Junkyard Dogs of War (employee) have agreed to terms with Lord Andrew Ferrance (employer) to serve Garrison Duty on the planet Autumn Wind for 12 months, beginning upon the first of April, 3157. Employer agrees to compensate employee wages for mechwarriors, as well as provide 1 technician and 1 astech per mech to provide services, as well as one administrative staff member. Employee is responsible for their own security and medical needs. Employer, in the event of hostile action, grants the employee 1 unit of salvage. In the event of hostilities, employee must answer to local command and control. Transportation will be provided to the location of employment. End Summary.


Signed: Junkyard Dogs of War Commanding Officer. Countersigned: MRBC Representative, Montour, Solaris.

Solaris City
Solaris VII, Lyran Commonwealth
3 March 3157

TransportationThe train was arriving tomorrow with the 'mechs, loaded as cargo. It wasn't the most glorious way to move a 'mech around, but it was a cheap way. Everyone's weapons and personal equipment were on the same train- the local airline had refused to allow the weapons on the planes for years still after the Jihad.

The JDOW were housed in a crappy hotel near the spaceport. The current plan was that the train would arrive, and a freight company would oversee moving the 'mechs from the train onto an awaiting cargo dropship. The mechwarriors would board as commercial passengers in steerage level quarters. That'd be in three days, on 6 March. From there it'd be a trip to the jump point, a quick trip, and then a long burn to the planet.

Honestly, the entire deal sucked if compared to what military commands or high-end merc units would do. No one was in either, so it was the best available.

The entertainment system in the hotel was playing a match from the arena in the city. A lance of assault mechs were taking on a company of medium and lights. So much wasted money in equipment and manpower, it was what kept Solaris alive. The spectacle of waste, debauchery, and clash of steel all wrapped into one.

That evening, at a group dinner at the hotel buffet, everyone had a moment to decide what they'd be doing tomorrow. If anything.

Any plans while in Solaris City? Bit of sandbox time here.

Kasumi thinks about what gear the JDoW might need for their upcoming assignment.

"Commander Thor, do you think we should get some sensor equipment to setup a perimeter for our base camp on Autumn Wind? If so, I could check around and get the equipment."

She also thinks about a newer purchase of gear for herself.

CephCephaeus, not wanting to be caught blindsided, makes a mental note to do a little independent research later on Autumn Wind and especially on this Lord Ferrance. He thumbed the shipping receipt for his personal weapons in his pocket, truly feeling the absence of that comforting weight on his hip and thigh. For now, buffet. He made sure not to make a pig of himself by loading down his plate, especially since he could just go back for more, although if the quality of the meal matched the quality of their linen, he'd keep away from shellfish.

"Has anyone heard any scuttle about this Lord Ferrance? Only thing I can be sure of, he's cheap."

roll to get details.

Dice Roll: 1d10
d10 Results: 2
streetwise (2)

Kasumi, we don't really have a budget for fancy toys right now, and we don't know yet what sort of things we'd need anyway. Once we're on the ground we can set up a shop to make some ordinance if we need it.

As far as what to do with ourselves until dustoff, I suggest keeping your mech company until it boards the dropship. It's being shipped by commercial freight, which means that it's a prime candidate for going mysteriously missing en route. I'd rather we actually still have our battlemechs when we make landfall on Autumn Wind.

"Very well. I shall head over to my mech to ensure it stays in one place until liftoff. If you need me, I can be reached on my comm unit, Commander."

Kasumi finishes her breakfast and goes back to her room. She collects her toolkit and sidearm. Then proceeds to the train yard to check out her mech and supervise the transfer from train to dropship.

At the train yard, Kasumi will do an initial checkout of her mech and run a diagnostics on the machine.

You don’t come up with any particular info on the employer from Solaris City.

Days are blurs when there’s nothing to do.

First, there were the hours spent waiting on various modes of transportation. Planes, trains, cars, dropships, jumpships, they all had their individual wait times and queues. Then, there were the endless ticket checks. Do you have your ticket for the plane? Do you have your ticket for the dropship? Where’s your ticket, ma’am?

Travelling commercial had to be one of the worst ways to fly. All the ineptitude of the military system magnified, but with the benefit of a donut shop nearby. There were no sergeants yelling to get things done, but instead, there was a guy in an orange vest who wielded similar vocalizations but inspired far less jump in the worker bees.

In a word, the trip was BORING!

Thank god it ended.

Autumn Wind
Ferrance Estate
Autumn Wind, Free World’s League
2 April 3157

A week ago you had arrived on Autumn Wind. Various parts moved in order, and three days ago you had finally arrived. Those three days had been spent unpacking and setting up.

The ‘mechs were stabled in a small warehouse obviously converted for their use. The building had enough space for 8, and 1 was already occupied- Lord Ferrance’s family heirloom, a mint-condition fire-truck-red Marauder. That ‘mech positively gleamed. The DoW ‘mechs, not so much gleam. Each DoW ‘mech had a stall with enough equipment to provide routine maintenance, and as per the contract, ten techs scurried around the ‘mechs, familiarizing themselves with their new patients. The techs were mostly recent college grads, and, but for one elder tech whose baby was the Marauder, most had never worked on real ‘mechs before. In fact, the difference between “tech” and “astech” amongst the team seemed to be grade point average.

The mechwarriors were given two room quarters in a barracks building nearby, of a quality comparable to most average hotels. The building had hot and cold water, and just enough central air to ensure that it qualified as inhabitable.

It was, all things considered, not bad.

Lord Ferrance’s Security Manager called you all into the briefing room. You had met him briefly on arrival. He was to be your liaison, in general, with the Lord and would be assigning most of the missions. Apparently, that was today.

”Ever since the Free World’s League collapsed, people have been trying to become their own lords and masters. With the League finally being reorganized, well, some haven’t jumped back aboard the train. We have several groups of rebels on the planet. The planetary security forces are responsible for arresting the rebels, not us.”

“We have a supply convoy moving north in a few days. Supply convoys are a favorite target of rebels. They hit one or two every month, out of the 40 or 50 that we send. The supply convoys usually just are carrying food and equipment, but sometimes more valuable stuff like weapons and equipment for local militias. This convoy is carrying some military-grade weapons for combat units that are fighting some of the insurgents.”

“Escort the convoy, and ensure that they reach their destination. We’re not expecting any attacks, especially if the rebels see ‘mechs with the convoy, but you never know. Once you’ve arrived, go ahead and take a couple of days to train with the local forces if you want, or head home right away. It’s up to you.”

“Any questions?”


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