Episode 3 - The Marik Contract

Enemy Scans
Upriver, to the right, the scan reveals Harassers. It looks like they're underweight, though. They might be underarmed as well, hopefully.

Downstream, to the left, it looks like armored personnel hovers. The stock design is lightly armed, but who knows if there are troops on board, or if they've already been dispatched.

Any more reactions? Last minute somethings before we enter combat?

ThorAll Dogs weapons hot! Target priority is the APC's. Convoy, we are under attack. Circle up and prepare to withdraw. Do NOT advance. Repeat, do NOT advance. The bridge is rigged to blow.Thor
Dice Roll: 1d10+7
d10 Results: 10 (Total = 17)
glances at his tactical display.

Sergey signals the convoy to halt. The old man swiftly switched the Master safety. "Copy that. Running weapons hot."

From a distance, he ran a detailed scan of the vicinity using his passive IR sensors. He figured he can pick off the enemies from afar with his PPC.

Dice Roll:
d10 Results: 10 (Total = 19)

Okay, let’s get this Jack a’Cokein.

Round 0

The Action
The radio cackles as the convoy drivers respond, ”Roger on hostiles. We can’t turn around very well here, it’ll take us 15 to 20 minutes. This is why they’re paying you, cover us!” There’s definitely a sense of urgency to the man’s voice, but also a calm acceptance. They’ve probably been through this before.

The rear-most vehicle begins backing down the road to the nearest point where it can turn. A beeping sound conveniently resonates from it. Don’t want to accidently hit something after all.

The hovers all go weapons hot.

There are blips in the woods on both sides of the road. Origin of signal is unknown at this time.

PNT-9R. Zone 2. Normal
FS9-K. Zone 1 (River). Normal
VLK-QA. Zone 1 (River). Normal
UM-R60. Zone 2. Normal
WLF-1. Zone 2. Normal
Supply Vehicles (12 of 12). Zone 2.
Swift Wind. Zone X. Observing

Harasser (2 of 2). Zone 1 (River). Normal
Harasser (2 of 2). Zone 1 (River). Normal
APC Hover (2 of 2). Zone 1 (River). Normal
APC Hover (2 of 2). Zone 1 (River). Normal

Explosives on Bridge (2 of 2). Zone 4. Normal

The Battlefield
Zone 1: The River and Riverbank. EFFICIENT COOLING IN WATER Any unit on/in the actual river can only be attacked by Jumping units in other zones.
Zone 2: The Road. Any unit on The Road can only fire on units that are immediately adjacent to them unless they are Jumping.
Zone 3: The Woods. FLAMMABLE Any unit in The Woods must be quite close on the map to shoot at any target. Judgement call. Reduces Speed to Slow.
Zone 4: The Bridge. VULNERABLE TO FIRE The Bridge is targetable from everywhere else and an exposed position.

Combat Rules
There are no special rules for number of actions or such for this battle, beyond the Zone-specific rulings.

Map Update

PCs go First. Then enemies. Then convoy (to end) and PCs (to begin) together.

Kasumi watches the range indicator on the lead Harasser. Once the lead Harasser is within her LRM-5 range, Kasumi fires both racks. She keeps her medium and two small lasers tracking until they have the range to blast the enemy.

Sergey presses the touch screen indicating the mechs on the back form up in delta formation. "All right, form a delta on me! Make sure you surround the convoy and cover their flanks."

The old man expects an ambush to come from either side of the wood while the others from the river make a diversion.

He scans the area from left to right on thermal. Bay doors open. SRM ready. Come here you sons of

Action: Return Fire
Dice Roll:
d10 Results: 7 (Total = 19)

Kasumi fires her twin LRM-5 racks at the lead harasser.

Dice Roll: 1d10+10z
d10 Results: 2 (Total = 12)
Missile Attack Rack 1 (12)

Dice Roll: 1d10+10z
d10 Results: 9 (Total = 19)
Missile Attack Rack 2 (19)

Need range in case lasers are within firing solutions.

GM Edit:
Dice Roll: 4dF+4z
dF Results: -1, -1, -1, 0 (Total = 1)
Gunnery + Fate to attack, roll is (1)

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