Mission One-'Opening Gambit'.

Mission One-'Opening Gambit'.


Oddly enough, you doublechecked twice. It was a warehouse for some publishing company up until the 60's, and it went bankrupt. It was on the market for pretty much a penny.... so you decided, 'what the hell' and bought it.

Plenty of room on the inside. Enough room for most of your gear, your personal vehicles, a gym, and some cozy living facilities and offices. this is your home away from home, your gathering place, your headquarters.

You called it 'The Warehouse' because it was the only thing that came to mind. You are warriors, not poets.

All in all, it has been a boring pair of weeks. A pair of weeks without going someplace exotic, meeting interesting people, and blowing things up sky-high.

Quite frankly, it's driving you crazy.

Of course, with your luck, it's gonna change soon...

Describe your characters and what they're doing.

Quentin Thompson

Anyone looking for Quentin can find him in his claimed spot - the top of The Warehouse's East tower. With windows all around and the view of the city around him, he finds himself at peace. Wearing his combat boots with his ripped jeans and a
gamer t-shirt, he's leaning against the wall surrounded by books, paper, and dice. He's hard at work setting up a campaign he wants to try to run with the other gamers of the group - Darths and Droids - looking for some fantastic elements to his otherwise humdrum life.

Well, humdrum in his opinion. He can't help it if he's getting itchy. And poor Hillary, she hadn't been touched at all over the last two weeks except to rub her down with a little oil and make sure she was still lubed up for whenever Quentin needed her.

Mendoza has spent most of the afternoon in the break room, watching a satellite feed of a Cruz Azul soccer match. Wearing a simple pair of jeans and a white tank top, she's been alternating between lounging despondently on the couch and yelling loudly at the television. She's two and a half Tecates deep and her nearly-unintelligible cheering echos down the Warehouse's empty halls.

Charon lounges in partially in the break room, having taken up a roost on one of the rafters. He is wearing his same old black getup, t-shirt, cargo pants, combat boots, and greatcoat, though from below his coat is the only thing visible. He watches Mendoza from above, wondering when she'll notice his presence. With a long straw, he drinks a milkshake from a large canteen in his right hand hand and plays with his balisong with his left.

Garret has also spent most of the afternoon in the break room, laying on the floor, somehow seeming to sleep through all of Mendoza's angry yelling at the television.
He has on a pair of slacks and a white t-shirt with a pair of dark shades covering his eyes. Beneath those shades, his eyes are open and he sees Charon clearly, he's also wondering when Mendoza will notice him.
If those goes on much longer, Garret will get bored and smoke a cigarette.

Gregory "Joker" Wade

Greg had slept in late that morning. The date from the evening before had early morning hours and he had gotten in waaayyy past his bedtime. He decided to skip the whole 'shower & shave' thing and threw a set of cargo shorts and an old AC/DC concert t-shirt on after performing the 'sniff' test on them. He groggily meandered downstairs to the refrigerator and prepared a turkey sandwich for himself before heading to the break room.

Upon entering he took a seat on the sofa next to Mendoza and set the plate of food on the coffee table. His stomach told his brain to get some of that sandwich down there pronto and with that Joker took a huge bite of the meat/bread/cheeze concoction. He was still chewing the first bite when he noticed the soccer game Mendoza waz watching. With his mouth still full of food he glanced over and said; ""Turn it to the Michigan/Notre Dame game. I got money riding on the Irish this week. No one cares about soccer." He took another huge bite of the sandwich, stuffing his mouth even more full.

Mendoza settles down from a particularly raucous cheer, finishes the end of her beer and slams it down on the table. "Tough shit, puta. You can change the channel if you get past me. She rolls her shoulders and cracks her neck, looking Greg in the eye. "But I don't know... you look like you had a pretty long night."


Greg thinks about it for all of 2 seconds before saying; "Hmmm, soccer's pretty awesome I guess, for the poor. Us American's watch action sports. Close-ups, player stats, instantaneous replays, you know, the good stuff! Come on girl, 2 more hours of this?", he asks with a sigh.

Charon leans over the rafter a bit, and mouths "What is he thinking?" to Garret, pointing at Greg.

Garret responds with a small smile and a nearly imperceptible shake of his head. Obviously, this kid doesn't realize the precariousness of the situation.


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