Mission One-'Opening Gambit'.

"I wasn't exactly planning on turning a small cafe into a kill corridor, but it wouldn't be a bad idea for us to have some guardian angels. Quentin, I want you set up in some kind of elevation; bring your radio in case we need it. For now, I just want you to counter-snipe if there's anyone with sights on the cafe. If you need a spotter, get someone to do it.

Charon, Roland, and wherever Garret scampered off to will be at another table. Pistols only; I don't want to attract more attention than I have to. Get their early and set yourself up somewhere nice for when we get there. 'Doza and Greg, you're with me face-to-face. And someone get Drew on the phone, please? With any luck, this'll go off without a hitch. Any questions?"

Dice Roll: 1d20+11
d20 Results: 12 (Total = 23)
Plan X

Plan XAlrighty, I rolled a 23, which means at the encounter, for the first 10 rounds, everyone gets a nifty +2 on attack rolls and skill checks, which then decays by one point each round thereafter.

Thankfully Quentin had heard Jack's plan on the way up the stairs. As he enters the garage, he seems calm and collected, even in the face of Andrea's vehicle screeching into her space with the sirens blasting. He pats himself down for his radio and a range finder, while never jostling Hillary in her case. When Andrea pops out of the driver side and starts to yell about what's going on, Quentin doesn't flinch. He just puts the radio and range finder in her hands and starts walking around to the passenger side.

"Spot for me. Text Jack for the address and find me somewhere with a good LOS." A beat goes by before Quentin comes back to himself, suddenly warming up and becoming softer almost - slipping out of mission mode and back into his affable geek self. "Please?" he asks with a shy grin. "Also... Shotgun!"

A frown settled onto the naturally jovial man's face. Not that he had to work or who he had to do it with but that he wasn't going to get to see the rest of the game. With sullen resignation he stood and went back up stairs to shower and shave to get ready. With the bosses 'pistols only' command he'd have to go to the armory and pick out some equipment that wouldn't draw attention (his Desert Eagle and Full-Tactical vest were definately off limits!). He's probably grab a small glock, an undercover vest and some small radio.

With any luck, the game would be on at the cafe.....

Charon stops by his car, which was conviently parked only 9 feet away. He opens the trunk and pulls out a small black bag.
Can I bring my Ithaca? I feel better in small spaces when I have my 12-gauge. It's only 22 inches.

"Got it, chief." Mendoza grabs her shoulder holster and leather jacket off the back of a nearby chair. "I'm good to go." She puts on her holster and stretches a bit before putting on her jacket. She sits back down, leaning back and tightening the laces on her boots. "Let's hope this is a good one."

Garret pauses just outside the room long enough to hear the Jack's plan before proceeding to his car. He leaves his small Mac in the glove compartment and secures his Glock 17 in its shoulder holster before donning his overcoat.
He dials two numbers on his smartphone and uses his headset.
You boys ready to roll?

As Charon retrieves his bag from his trunk, Grayson drives up in his black Dodge Magnum Hemi. Parking without much care whether he is fully in a space, he calls out the window to his teammate.

"Charon, what's up? Usually when you grab that bag it means business. I would have been home sooner, but got caught up in a nice poker game on the west-side and just crashed in my car after drinking too much."

Grayson hopes out of the car and attempts to smooth out his wrinkled suit as best is possible. Looking nice is not just a perk of the business to him, but a requirement.

Charon glares at Grayson.
This bag is only an indication that I want my shotgun. You should know that just because I want my shotgun doesn't mean that we have "business". I like my shotgun. However, we have a meeting for a client. Roland, Garret, and I are plainclothes backup, Greg, Mandoza, and Jack are running interface, Quint is providing cover.
Charon gestures to Jack,
Jack'll probably give you a position. I think Quinn needs a spotter, but if he's found Andrea, he might be pressing her into that.

'Drew' Dyson, "Watchtower"

She hops out of the SUV, flipping off the siren and lights on her way out, and heads towards Quentin. Before she can speak, he hands her a spotting scope and snaps out orders. Giving him an eyebrow and waiting, he is kind enough to add "please". Andrea smiles at the geeky sniper and nods towards the SUV, speaking over her shoulder in a carrying voice as she for the driver's seat.

"Brief me enroute." She hops in, opens the rear hatch for Quentin to load his 'baby', buckles herself in, texts Jack for the address--receiving it gratifying fast--and then waits until Quentin is in the shotgun seat with his door closed. "So, the cafe." She flips on the lights--but not the siren--and slams her SUV into 'Reverse', slamming on the gas. "You might want to buckle up, Quentin."

His reply was lost in the squeal of the SUV's tires as Andrea executed a notably-faster-than-recommended J-turn and started heading down 'backroads' towards the tallest building with a clear LOS on the cafe...at speeds clearly in excess of the local speed limits by at least 15-20 miles per hour.

Garret is the first one to arrive at the cafe. Actually, he parks across the street and then leans against his car to smoke a cigarette, waiting for Roland and Charon to arrive.

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