Mission One-'Opening Gambit'.


Grasping tightly to the "Oh S#!t" handle as Andrea maneuvers, Quentin takes a few tries to get his seatbelt fastened. He keeps his eyes roving for a good spot to set up while trying to remember everything Jack had said.

"Client is someone who's either worked with us before or knows someone who has - they're following standard operating procedures by asking for a face-to-face with us for details. I think they sent some preliminary files too, not sure. Jack said something about a hostage situation. Southeast Asia, so probably off the South China Sea. Not sure if it's in the islands or on one of the peninsulas."

Charon somehow arrives soon after Garret, although he left much later. He parks a block away, shoulders a black day pack, and goes to the cafe. As he passes Garret, he makes a subtle signal, indicating that he will be maintaining radio contact. When he does finally reach the cafe, he performs a quick
Taking 10 on Spot using Sweep, total of 19
sweep of the area, checking for obvious threats, cover and concealment, easy escape/infiltration routes, and easy marks/prey. Should no immenant threat appear, he sits down at a table and pulls out a newspaper, pretending to read it.
Charon whispers,
"Garret, any sign of the others yet?
Though these words are spoken quietly, barely audibly in fact, Charon's hidden throat mic picks it up loud and clear.
Everything looks relatively safe from here.

'Drew' Dyson, "Watchtower"

Weaving through traffic nimbly (a great deal of the ease thanks to her SUV's flashing lights), Andrea pulls out a tactical radio, throat mike, and earbud from the center console. As she dodges around a three-vehicle convoy of moving trucks, she deftly clips the radio onto her belt, slips the earbud into her right ear, and straps on the throat mike during a moment of traffic-free road. Taking a moment to quickly grin at Quentin, Andrea then looks back at the road while punching up overhead imagery of the cafe. Studying it for the next five miles, she then fully focuses back on the road.

"Looks like the closest spot to shoot is going to be ground level, ninety yards out, Quentin...right here." She points at the closest parking spaces. "Looks like we will have about thirty yards of visibility on approaches to the cafe; given parking issues, we may end up anywhere from ninety to one-hundred-thirty yards away--an easy shot for you." Swerving around a pod of six minivans, Andrea slides her SUV back out of the lanes of oncoming traffic. "Now, of course, we need to get there." Andrea floors the gas pedal. "Oh, and you might want to hop in back, start getting Hillary ready-" She pauses to swerve onto the shoulder to get around a 42-vehicle funeral procession. "-and set up facing the rear driver's side window. I'll tactically-park upon arrival." She then dials up some "Lacuna Coil" to a decently loud volume and 'lost herself in the drive'.

As her display shows that they are within a mile, she slows down to the legal speed, turns off the lights, and spends ten minutes circling the cafe using different routes, hidden in traffic, while checking for tails. She then pulls into the parking lot with a view, finds the closest parking space open, and backs in calmly and sedately, ensuring that Quentin's window has a clear view of the cafe and its approaches. She then turns to Quentin as she shuts off the music.

"Your tactical assessment?"

Dice Roll: 1d20+14
d20 Results: 18 (Total = 32)
surveys the area from outside the cafe, still smoking his cigarette.

The cafe is in the middle of a small park, surrounded by trees. There are several buildings surrounding the park, none of which have a clear line of sight to the cafe proper. A vehicular sniper would have a clear line of sight, but your search notes that the parking lot is clear of threats at the moment, as well as the street across from it.

There is an old building, maybe raised on the 50's or 60's, pure art deco lines and pastel colors, which has a clear lin of sight with the other rooftops. Would be a good nest to clear any possible snipers.

As for the cafe proper, it has plenty of cover, with waist-high concrete walls all around it. Lots of civilians as well-all of them minding their own business.

There is a young woman sitting pretty damn close to the open-air kitchen and the cashier's booth-trying to keep her back to them, looking all around the cafe. Petite, non-threatening, she has a laptop open in front of her and is constantly looking into it, before writing something.

Andrea's cell phone vibrates-being set to the same account that the laptop, it's indicating an incoming mail.

The petite girl is most definitely the contact.

Quentin had been pretty quick about following Andrea's suggestions. He'd crawled in back and lay down the middle seats flat before opening the large case in the back. Sliding Hillary's upper and lower together, he made sure to check all her fittings and set her bipod up how he wanted it. The last thing he needed to do was play with the elevation and range on his scope, but that would have to wait until he'd picked his spot.

"Tactically? This sucks. I can either set up on Hillary's case here, and open up the back window - for best LOS on ground level approaches and such. OR I can set up on that building over there," he says pointing it out, "It's the best spot to keep an eye on all the other buildings for snipers. Not that any of the buildings, including that one, have a good LOS to the cafe. What do you think? Which should I focus on? And do we have any word from Jack on identifying the client? That could help too."

This is Charon, to anyone in range, I have a possible eye on the contact. Young female, small frame. She is sitting by the kitchen with a laptop. No threats visible.
Charon radios.
Where is face team? I don't like being visible this long.
Charon puts the news paper down on his table and walks to the order area to get three cookies and two coffees. On his way back to his table, having to pass by the contact's table, he silently prays that the girl doesn't assume that he is her contact.

Mendoza's voice crackles back over Charon's radio. "On our way. ETA five minutes."

Almost exactly five minutes later, a large black SUV slowly pulls up in front of the cafe. Mendoza gets out first, from the passenger side, before moving to the back and opening the rear door for Jack.

Garret takes a seat next to Charon, keeping his back towards the kitchen.
Thanks for the coffee, he says as he grabs one of the cups and feigns taking a drink, actually using the action as a cover to whisper into his throat mic, Just waiting for Roland.

Well, that was originally MY coffee...
Charon scowls and bites into a cookie.
Mm, good cookie...
Charon finishes eating before picking up his paper, using it to conceal his mouth as he whispers into his mic,
Tactical Operations Command, Charon's field-name for Andrea
TOC, are we covered yet? I'd at least like another set of eyes, if not a reticle, on the area.

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