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Would the Shade race be to strange and require a rebranding or is it fine as is?

Heh, you're the second person to ask that. I'd prefer it if you would reskin it to something more normal looking, or at least make it so that they disguised their true nature. I normally wouldn't be bothered by stuff like this but it's hard for me to find a very justified reason for the military to hire someone who appears obviously evil or untrustworthy.

Even if your character was a saint, you have got to admit, it's hard for someone like a shade or a vampire or a drow to just walk up to a military official and say, "Hey I wanna help out in that high profile operation you guys are running. I'm totally legit, honest."

All that said, if you can make a justified reason for why your character is a shade and why they'd get hired for this job, then I'm okay with it. I just put up the rule so that people don't flood the application list with a bunch of weird stuff without a thought on how their character fits in the world.

Can do, it is an easy enough thing to cover I would guess. The shade race just fits so well with the assassin class, gutterborn kid sells part of his soul for an affinity for shadows...

I was more concerned with the, why would the military hire someone like that part. If something very important was going on and hundreds of lives were at risk, would you depend on the guy who admittedly and very clearly sold his soul to dark forces? Also aren't assassins usually blatant criminals? Is your character open about his bargain or does he try hiding it? If your character is an assassin, who does he work for? Is he a free agent? Does he actually tell people he's an assassin? Think about stuff like that and how it works in your background and I"m sure you'll do fine.

You said that we can suggest house rules right? Well I was planning to make a multiclass character, but I really don't like how the at-will powers I get from it are only encounter powers. Could it be ruled that they stay as at-will powers?

I hate hybrids. I'd rather give up one feat rather than important class features and being forever restrained on what powers I can take at different levels.

Let me think about it. I don't think it's too bad but I need some time to make sure. I'll get back to you on it.

Just wondering: With the wizard, do you get 3 utility things, and 1 in your spellbook, or 3 and 3 in your spellbook?


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