General Chat:

General Chat:

Please use this thread for just any normal chatting you guys want to do, either with me or each other.

Oh dear god, there are 18 applicants already. I only put up this game 4 days ago. I'm just dreading when I have to actually have to pick players.

Man usually I consider myself lucky when my games get just 10 players applying. I may end up with over 30 by the due date if things keep going like this.

*pats on the back*

Poor you. If you want to, I could help you pick the players. *innocent smile*

Oh I see >,<

Good luck, choosing then. Good thing you left yourself that out when you mentioned you 'might' close the add early.

I'm so tempted to cease taking in applications right now and just have the current applicants the next few days to finish/touch up their current apps. Eh, maybe tomorrow.

I applied with Thava, so I was already worried. She's already been rejected from multiple games... But I really want to play her, because I could write some really fun posts with her setup.


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