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It's fun making characters. Writing little blurbs for their histories. Making it fun and interesting to the GM and other players. I enjoy the process just as much as the play.

Still, seeing a character grow and become what you envisioned is awesome.

I completely agree. I also enjoy tying in the mechanics to the character, lying being able to buy a wagon with our gold instead of just armor and weapons. My character can also summon a horse to pull the wagon, so through those mechanics I can solve the age old question of "how does the party carry all of that stuff?" without defaulting to the "magic bag that holds everything" answer.

Eh? I've seen players use mundane methods of carrying around stuff using carts, bags and such, it's not that uncommon.

I have fun making characters, but I also want to see them each get a chance with different games, so I try to restrict how many I make since so many are waiting to have a chance. XD

There now, app is up and with a class I rarely see played. Almost as Rare as Runepriest. :P

For me, my friends never explain it... Its always... "My inventory is this big white space on this sheet" or "My character can carry anything as long as he stays under the encumbrance"

By the way Celtic, I'm guessing your character is in a private thread? I'm all interested in what your character is about now. *wants to read*

Yeah, I was boring and followed the DM instructions. If it makes you feel better I'm not reading anyone else's to keep the suspense up. XD

Aw... so I won't get to read up... I guess its okay. I like to see how characters might be able to interact with each other in, but I guess finding that out as the characters find out is more natural.

Well, my character is most probably at least somewhat generally known, and he has no problem with you guys knowing about him.

So Kerim you are saying that he's not secretly an assassin? Or. . . . is he. . . .


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