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I actually do find it interesting to have the characters learn about each other as the players do, it can make for some great RPing. Though it works both ways really.

That's cool... my character is pretty much unheard of outside his little hamlet.

As long as your character isn't a ninja wearing bright orange, he sounds cool Kerim. Are you saying he's a world renowned hitman type mercenary or something?

Make fun of Naruto all you want but Sasuke is the worst character in it. ...And that takes a *special* type of bad character to do. >_> <_< >_> <_< >_>

(I apologize to any Naruto fans in the audience.)

Don't worry Celtic. I stopped reading Naruto years ago... right around the time when Sasuke got so much spotlight now that I think about it.

There should be more pirates and less ninjas in Naruto for my taste. Everything is better with pirates.

If I need my fill of pirates I just read One Piece, thank you very much. No need to look much elsewhere.

I threw a lot of heavy treasure at a few old groups of my players and they got to where they always rented a cart and mule, a henchman fighter, and a henchman rogue.

Those three would stay parked and hidden as bets they might outside the dungeon.

The mule carried everything, the fighter guarded the mule, and the rogue's only job was to live and get back to the party to tell the player characters who took the treasure that was on it (they didn't tell the fighter that and let him think he was in charge)

Sometimes they even took the supply train into the dungeons as far as they could. As everyone knows all this causes in most cases is a lot of dead henchmen and lowered loyalty for any prospective ones as well as a bit of lost treasure and a few dead mules. Sometimes though, the orcs kept the mules.

Then it went from henchmen to hirelings.

Thava... I doubt she'd be heard of outside those who have ties with the criminal world, just a gruff mercenary who's surprisingly stealthy for her size and good with knives. If you're connected to the world of crime, though, one may have heard hints of her backstory.

I really hope there aren't a lot of players applying characters who are criminals. Though it is a standard in DnD for some reason, it's just going to end with them getting recognized by the military (who they are supposed to work with at the start of the campaign) and getting thrown in jail. Of course that would be a funny way to start a campaign.


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