Attack The Darkness


Attack The Darkness - Round 2

ZhuGuan shrugs off the darkmantle's screech, the half-elf was learning to adapt to the ear piercing screech. This time at least. His look on the faces of his nearby companions told a very different story and he watched them struggle while waiting to regain their senses. At least they can feel fear, he thinks as he brandishes his weapon against the one creature cowering before him.

"Damn place has a lot of these things, I wonder if they're good eating." ZhuGuan ponders.

Styg, dazed, can only strike out at the darkmantle. He hits it and then it ports away! Vicky springs into action at the now familiar shriek from the darkmantles. She rounds the corner just in time to see one of them get struck and disappear. She looks around, worried that one or more of them will pop up next to her. For the moment, the only one she can spot close is Turag.

"Turag, we need to get closer to the others, so we're not surrounded here alone by these creatures," she calls out to the orc. After moving as close as she dares, she unleashes a mental attack at the closest one, but doesn't manage to strike the aberration of nature.

"Vicky, back away!" ZhuGuan warns the woman as she get closer to the creatures. Their shriek only reaches so far, and Vicky is getting close enough to be affected if they get shrill again.

Feeling the effects of the daze, John smiles. "Give me all you have."

John summons the earth to his blade and strikes. Jared takes up a position behind John, leans out slightly and flicks his rod up as he summons the power of the gloom. Shadows undulate down the corridor and start sweeping around the darkmantles. The perfection of Jared's spell has opened a secret chamber woven into the vast, arcane vortex that is all magic. The opening resembles a long drawer surrounded by nothingness. The drawer holds a stock of similar armaments, as if from a set. Jared glimpses a robe, white gloves and a hemp belt. It looks as if there was a spot for something else there as well, but it seems to be missing. He has time to reach in and grab one of the three items before the drawer slides closed with the rift. Looking around, it doesn't seem like anyone else can see this strange rift. He then remembers John describing something similar happening before, but these items don't appear to be etched with runes like his pauldrons were.

The darkmantles he and John hit have all vanished, freeing up their end of the hallway. Their ability to teleport really makes it difficult to know whether or not they are killing the creatures, or even really hurting them. A frustrating species to be sure. Jared already has gloves and a belt so he makes a quick decision. Seemingly out of thin air, Jared produces a brilliant white robe. The robe is of extraordinary magnificence. There are stitchings of mythical creatures woven into it that seem to animate in the dim light.

Richard calls out to Guan "Lets take down these bloody things!"

The Warlord delivers a smashing blow to the frightened darkmantle. Had it not teleported away, Guan would have had an even bigger advantage against the hurt creature. Guan's glaive twists defensively as he selects remaining targets from the rapidly diminishing selection. ZhuGuan, left with one visible creature in his view charges the last of the creatures.

His weapon bites deeply into the darkmantle that had opened the door for the others to pass through. A thick blood sprays everywhere from the creature, and as it vanishes from his sight, ZhuGuan Yu can't help but to say, "You're not so tough!"

Turag can't believe that there are still more of these things. They seem to be endless. He had managed to screw up some courage last time, but that courage has faded quite a bit. He inches his way around the corner and lets out a big sigh of relief when he sees that there are none around. His moment of relief doesn't last though. The darkmantle that Guan just hurt flys back towards the door, and it let's out it's shriek again. Once more Guan is unaffected, but both Styg and Richard are
4 Damage, Dazed until the end of the creature's next turn
hindered by the thunderous shriek. There seems to be an additional burst of
4 damage
necrotic energy against Richard again that doesn't seem to happen to Styg.

Another one appears in the room as lights dim. It too charges for Guan, but the creature seems to be thrown off his attack by the blood gushing from the one shrieking in front of Guan. Then another darkmantle appears. It is right in front of Styg, Richard and just behind Guan. Apparently Guan charged right by the invisible bastard without even knowing it was there. It quickly
8 Damage, Grabbed (Escape Ends)
latches onto Styg.

ZhuGuan watches as the frightened darkmantle appears in the room beyond. It then quickly flees towards the darkest
It went in the direction of CW52, but you have no idea where it actually stopped
corner of the room trying to hide from the heroes. The darkmantle that John had hit earlier comes up behind Richard, but the wall separating John from it, makes it impossible to notice. The sudden shriek however gives away it's position. Though Richard, Guan, Vicky and Turag are all within' the range of it's shriek, only Richard actually
feels it. The walls seem to offer some protection to the others. Again, there is another burst of
4 damage
necrotic energy against Richard.

Richard and Styg have both taken a pretty bad beating so far and they aren't looking too healthy. The the last of the 6 darkmantles show up. It materializes behind Styg coming into a flanking position with the one already attacked to the shade. It latches onto Styg's back
8 Damage
biting away at the eldritch soldier. Styg is barely able to stand now as blood pours from the many wounds he is taking. Hindered by the shriek there's no way he'll be able to escape from both of the attackers that have attached to him- maybe not even one of them.

Styg Vytautus – Shade

Styg, dazed again and feeling picked on by just about everything in this place, decides to get mean and crafty. Going through a burst of activity he takes a breather despite being grabbed and smothered by the creatures. Then he ignites the cold fires of his armor of agathys. Stalling for time is all he has now. (He still doesn't know that this will be very ineffective against the creatures, but the boost in health is nice nonetheless.)
Main Hand: Battle Axe Off-Hand: Light Shield Worn: Lizard Bone Breastplate

John Clarke - Eladrin Revenant Hybrid (Warden/Swordmage)

John looks back at Jared "Will you stop scaring them away I want to kill something." John puts his mind in his blade and sends out a psychic blast from his blade. Aimed at the Dark mantle next to Styg.

"Get off of him and attack me!"
John moves up to Df'62

Jared Lees, Halfling, Gloom Pact Binder

Jared moves up behind John. He doesn't travel far before he seems to begin to merge with the dimness of te corridor.

"Stop moaning, and kill them if it means that much to you." Jared snarls, his voice laced with what can only be described as a darkness.

Shadows again stream out from the halfling and undulate down the corridor towards Styg.

These dice sets were omitted or moved: 1d20+9

Richard tries to shake of the dazed feeling he has been subjected to.


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