Character Revisions

Character Revisions

Everyone can start on their sheets. If you need help with anything this would be the place to ask. Also I would like some info on if you live at the branch office and living family name/relation.

@prof cephalopod: what kind of racial bonuses do you think your faun should have? I was thinking some sort of charisma bonus, maybe pace increase or a racial edge

@Antihero: add another goal or two. also for skin walker I was thinking of just using the human template and you can pick up a power edge to represent your transformation. or would you like a racial template?

@Jason C: so far so good. maybe expand your goals out a bit. for powers are you going to be doing more brain blast things or more mind altering?

@Tregod: for you race i was thinking damage reduction and an arcane background for your spells. anything else you think it should have?

Any other guidelines or expectations? Should we start a thread or post the sheets here?

Personally I see the faun as über charismatic, quick, and inately magical.
As for living at the branch office yessir he does( though he often doesn't come home at nights) relations a whole clan of puce back in Kentucky good sir. ( I'll have specifics here in a bit, how many do you need?)

I think i'm good with just the immediate family maybe a cousin if he/she is particularly interesting. Maybe can get themselves in some trouble.

regarding the template how about a charisma boost, pace (speed) boost, and arcane background magic?

Sounds good sir

That sounds like a plan! Are you going with the typical system for Power Points, or do you have a homebrew twist I should know about?

Racial abilities (do these work for you?):
Armor (at least 4 points [the book says this is like a stegosaurus] and up to 8 points [a man made out of stone] because I have a metal coating around me)
Hardy (was raised by dragons...)
Infravision (assuming you subscribe to the notion that dragons have truesight, then it only makes sense some of that would pass to their children)
Low Light Vision (same reason as listed below)
Creature Strength (Not as an initial bonus, but I think opening it up so that my strength can exceed the human maximum is understandable considering my race. You choose the cap, because anything from d12+3 [rhino] to d12+8 [drake] makes sense to me. Again, not looking for that strength, just the ability to raise it to that strength through time end experience)

Also, what speed would I be able to fly at? Should we use a perpetual Fly spell for the statistics? And should the damage of my wings when I attack with them be the same as a Halberd, because that was the closest thing to a Scythe I could find.

Lemme know what you think, and I'll start making the stats for my character as soon as I hear back from you.

And arcane background added to that list. Also, I think it's safe to say that I won't be getting the human starting edge, right? :P

haha yea no human starting edge! there is a lot going on with that race, will do a build for it in a bit (when i'm on my lunch break). I am going to be using the normal power points rules unless you folks know of any awesome homebrew ones to shoot my way.

And the dragon race. This is a rough draft. I'm just trying to build the race you are going to play so feel free to shout out any changes.

Honor thy mother - It sounded like it was important for dragon kind to listen to their mother so i added -> Minor Hinderance Vow (Mother)
Metallic Scales - +4 armor, cant advance agi higher than d6,
Dragon Blooded - Infravision, Natural Weapons, Arcane background magic, str starts at d6 max is d12+5

Lastly I didn't know if i should add, Code of honor (in that noble warrior sense) or Greedy (dragons and treasure go together like peanut butter and honey)

as for power points were going to go with the no power points rule from the book. it is similar to concentration but it has a few quirks

No, I'm happy just using a human template, as she's technically human anyway...


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