Character Revisions

If I mean to offend I would have insulted you sir, and please don't presume or assume about me monsieur at least not until you've played or chatted with me a bit more.

I think we may just have drastically different views on gaming, and possibly everything. . . . This is not a bad thing though.

Also totally agree with your DBZ thing, I just think we all need to get on the same page is all.

Get on the same page? This term, though it may seem applicable to you, makes no sense to me. We are all making characters, talking to the GM about concepts, and smoothing out the edges (no pun intended) for the best gameplay experience. What aren't we on the same page about?

Also, if you want to speak privately, do so in a message to me personally and not in the thread. I'm not "reading into things" too much. I read into things to the extent I believe I should. If that doesn't work for you, I apologize. But if I feel offended, I'm not going to roll over and accept it.

I want to be civil. If we are going to play together, I don't want you and I to start on shaking ground. But I'm also not going to apologize for my play style. Especially when I'm attempting to be as balanced as everyone else.

Yup, that just happened, sorry for the clutter Mr. the1johnson and the rest of you guys.

alright you two take the gloves off and chill out! this is a play by post role playing game. we are here to have fun. this is supposed to be a relief from our daily lives and a refreshing hour or two out of our day.

so just toss the issue behind you and lets get on with character creation so we can save/destroy universe. I would like to run this game for a long while so i need all my players to enjoy each others company.

about the bonuses and negatives i gave your class: in the character creation of the deluxe SW book there is a race generation section. to build the race draft all i did was follow the guidelines adding bonuses and penalties to balance your character. it seems like the problem came with limiting your agility to d6, which i did with the fluff in mind that you are covered in metallic scales which i would assume is not light.

your argument is that i am limiting your combat abilities, which is a fair concern. limiting your agi to a d6 doesn't limit your shooting or fighting to a d6. you can still raise it one die type with an advance. that being said there are other ways build out the race without using the d6 limit on agi.

i am not going to say just take 10 points of hinderances and bam you have a race. the rules for race creation are in the book because they work so we are going to follow them. now if you just want bonuses without any racial hinderances then we can do that also. you just wont get everything on that list. i have a few builds below

Natural Weapons (str+d6 dmg)
infravision or low light

+2 armor

str max d12+5

arcane background - magic

on a side note the str starting at a d6 was a mistype i copied and pasted from a document and forgot to take that out

edit: and i do need to make sure we are all on the same page for game theme. this is a modern supernatural-pulp adventure. i think i just found four words to perfectly describe the game.

i draw influences from my favorite movies(indiana jones, aeon flux, matrix series, hellboys), everything Joss Whedon (firefly/serenity, doll house, dr horribles sing along blog), authors(h.p. lovecraft, terry goodkind, frank herbert), comics/manga(hellboy/bprd, chew, preist, deadman wonderland, atomic robo, killer of demons, transmetropolitan ) and too many tv shows and animes to name.

for this game i'm pulling directly from hellboy/bprd and h.p. lovecraft. it got a hint of atomic robo and indiana jones in there and a large helping of dresden files, supernatural(tv show), and lost girl(tv show)

another edit: when i read you character Tregod I instantly thought of Prince Nuada. he is a paragon of an ancient race stuck in its old ways while everything around speeds into the 21st century forgetting tradition and honor. what were your influences for the character?

I was only influenced by the picture, but Prince Nuada is actually a perfect matchup for what I'm looking for personality wise. Nice suggestion there!

Let's break down your list to make things fair, because the Deluxe book (which I bought today) has more rules than the explorers edition I previously owned, and limiting a stat to a d6 is ridiculous...

Natural Weapons (str+d6 dmg)- +1 ability
infravision or low light- both +1 abilities

+2 armor- +2 ability (again, considering that I won't be able to wear other armor, this number seems low...)

str max d12+5- The closest thing I can find in those rules to this is the +3 ability which allows me to raise it to a d12+4 and makes it start at a d8. So let's go with that, which is a +3 ability.

arcane background - magic- +2 ability

That makes 10 ability points, of which two are free. So I have 8 ability points to make up for. Having me take the Minor Hinderance Vow takes me down to 7. Greedy takes me to 5. Then let's assume Racial Enemy- Dragon (until my character proves himself, other dragons dont respect him) which takes me down to 4. Then add in Code of Honor and we are down to 2.

At this point, a -1 to parry to represent a stiffness issue presented by the armor brings the total back to equal. This way, there is a balance of positives and negatives. Does this work? Or do you have other suggestions?

Honestly, limiting any stat to a d6 is, IMHO, is far too limiting for a PC. I understand a monster race of Minotaurs with a d6 intelligence, or a Floating Brain race with a d6 vigor. But this is a dragon race we're talking about, here. They aren't pushovers. I have asked for a lot, but I reiterate my point that I am more than willing to balance it out. Hell, I'm tempted to do this as well:

Base Pace 10 (+2 ability) and Flight (+2 ability) in return for -4 penalty to resist cold (-2 ability) and Bloodthirsty (-2 ability) because those make sense for the race as well.

Thoughts? Concerns?

Also, I'd be willing to take a -1 toughness hit (character relies on armor all the time, so he is less beefy) in order to raise the armor value by +2.

i wasn't suggesting to choose all of them i was saying choose one of the four. You wanted a build with no hinderances, so I posted 4 different builds, with no hinderances.

and #3 I was going with the +2 ability, start a stat at a d6 but instead of getting the bonus i transfered it to a stat cap bonus.

now it seems like you want all 4 things, which come out to 8 points and you get 2 free points. so that 6 points to make up for. if you want a higher armor bonus (4) that would be 10 points total and 8 to make up.

so vow (1), enemy minor (1), greedy major (2), code of honor (2), -4 resist cold (2) or bloodthirsty (2)

I don't WANT a build without hindrances! :P

I have been saying repeatedly that I WANT to balance out what my character has. I imagined a character with a race that gives him immense power at an equally immense price.

Since you are saying #3 was start a stat at d6, then the math makes my total at a 9 instead of a 10.

Natural Weapons (str+d6 dmg)- +1 ability
infravision AND low light- both +1 abilities

+2 armor- +2 ability (again, considering that I won't be able to wear other armor, this number seems low...)

start strength at a d6- +2 ability

arcane background - magic- +2 ability

This makes 9 points. Then add in Base Pace 10 (+2 ability), Flight (+2 ability), and another +2 armor (+2 ability) for a total of 15.


vow (1), enemy from the race creation (-4 charisma with this type) (1), greedy major (2), code of honor (2), -4 resist cold (2), bloodthirsty (2), -1 parry (2), -1 toughness (2), and finally cautious (hey, aren't all dragons?) (1).

The math adds up this way. I don't know how you got 8 before, but check my list against the book just in case I'm screwing it up someplace.

I see what happened now. I was reading infravision AND low light instead of OR low light. If I can get Low light as well, I'll take cautious. Otherwise I'll drop both low light and cautious. It's up to you.

i will make a nice table to show you the math

Bonus Value
Natural Weapons +1
infravision +1
str max d12+5 +2
+2 armor +2
+2 armor +2
arcane background - magic +2
Total 10 points

furthermore this is getting blown out of proportion and i am ready to scrap the game idea because it is starting to turn into work and it supposed to be fun. so Tregod and prof cephalopod you two seriously need to just stop. yes things were said and offenses was made but get over it. SERIOUSLY just stop. plain and simple. i could decide to boot one of you from the game but I choose each character for a reason and you all fit into the story.

So can you two give up the bickering, honestly? yes or no. no we can just close the game thread and you two can go your separate ways and know never to join a game together. or yes and you two apologize, now i feel like a mom, and we finish character creation and have fun.


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