Act 2: The duchy of Drevnedub

Act 2: The duchy of Drevnedub

You follow the river up to Pereslavl but pass well outside of the sacked city, getting back on the road where the river Dajna flows into Vaila from the city of Verhnovo.
Soon after that you reach the ancient castle of Dubrovo, with it's low fat central tower which has been the seat of the dukes of Drevnedub for a thousand years according to legend.
Above the tower flies the old banner of Drevnedub, the Bear Standard, which depicts a bear on a throne holding a sword in one hand and a rabbit in the other
Around the central tower are thick outer walls with four towers, one to North, one to the South, one to the East and one to the West. Below the castle are the wooden houses of the commoners, the marketplace and the river harbour.
Around the wooden houses there has recently been built a new wooden palisade with wooden towers. There are guards both on the palisade and in front, and men and women piling stone on the outside of the palisade to protect it from fire.
The guards are armed with bows, spears, wooden targe shields and swords, and wear chain shirts

As the group pulls within sight of Castle Dubrovo, the two sway backs slow to a walk expecting food, water and rest. Afterall, the medicine show always stops at every large town and they have become used to the routine.

Ninovette says aloud to the party, "Well at least she looks intact and unharmed. It appears that the invaders choose to either bypass the castle or headed in a completely different direction. Do we stop or continue on?"

As Nicovete asks, a group of mounted men rounds the corner of the palisade. They carry a white banner with a black bear cub, the banner of Krestnik, Sir of Borowi, who is the bastard son of Mstislav, the duke of Drevnedub. You can currently see 5 mounted men, but it seems that more are coming behind them.
They head in your direction

"Well," Myron notes quietly as the mounted party pulls into sight, "It would be poor manners to continue on now of all times. Time to pass on the warning... but carefully. We have a large welcoming party." That said, he disembarks from the wagon, moving forward towards them, all the while keeping an eye on them and the men behind them.

Burven stays on the wagon-board, mentally chewing at the gristle of thought that the others weren't going to come in after them, and it was only the clamor the knight had raised that brought them coming. He mouths cowards but no noise comes out.

When they approach the town, he hunkers down and stays quiet, hoping they'll just roll on through. The fortifications are making him think they're expecting attack, and that they might have weathered one already, and as such would be likely to mistrust travelers, especially armed and armored ones. Shifting to further make sure his chain is concealed, he slinks further down as he sees the mounted outriders coming towards them. Hopefully they'll just ride past...maybe he can
Dice Roll:
d20 Results: 13 (Total = 32)
These dice were omitted, altered, or moved: 1d20+17
Original Dice: 1d20+17
pretend to be asleep and they won't
Dice Roll:
d20 Results: 14 (Total = 43)
These dice were omitted, altered, or moved: 1d20+18
Original Dice: 1d20+18
notice him...

As the mounted men starts approaching, two of the guards standing and looking mostly in the air finally notice you and command:
"Halt, who rides there?"

The bard reins his horses and medicine wagon to a stop and, putting on his best smile and using his sweet sing-song
Dice Roll:
d20 Results: 14 (Total = 35)
These dice were omitted, altered, or moved: 1d20+20
Original Dice: 1d20+20
voice replies, "Hello, and well met. I am Dr. Ninovete Vladislov, physician and proprietor of Dr. Vladislov's travelling medicine show. Perhaps you have heard of me or my curative exilir?"

Continuing in a friendly voice, the musician says, "We are travelling through the area giving entertainment shows and providing an opportunity to restore one's health with my medicines, and these men with me are my travelling companions and protection against outlaws in the forest. Could I interest you in purchasing a bottle or two; discounted today down to only a measely 8 silvers? A pittance to restore one's health," he proclaims.

"Ninovete Vladislov, you say?" the guard frowns
"You are wanted by the duke of Drevnedub! Dismount at once. You will stand before his highness and be judged by the nobles in his service!"
As the guard says this, the second guard comes to face you as well, going to the other side of the wagon

Kain nudges his horse forward toward the wagon, eyeing the second guard who was circling the wagon dangerously. He fingered the haft of his axe, feeling the familiar notches in it. With the way such guards were, they likely wanted to pilfer whatever they could from the wagon before allowing them to pass through.

He allows the horse to head directly for the man in a slight effort to head the man off or make him step away from the horse. He smiles at the guard in a manner befitting a comrade, but his
Dice Roll:
d20 Results: 10 (Total = 24)
cold eyes plainly advertise he is quite happy to run the man down with the powerful beast beneath his legs.

He looks to the others. The boy obviously was hiding. Again. Probably stifling a cry or cuddling the little annoyance of a girl. The others, hopefully, were taking steps to defend the wagon.

Looking to the approaching guards, he looked to see if he knew them from his extensive travels.

The bard again
Dice Roll:
d20 Results: 12 (Total = 33)
These dice were omitted, altered, or moved: 1d20+20
Original Dice: 1d20+20
smiles and dismounts saying, "I'm sure it's just a misunderstanding. Since I have never been to these parts before, I surely could not have done anything wrong here. Take me before the Duke so that we might resolve these matters amicably."

With that said, the caster climbs down off the wagon handing the reins to his compatriot whispering, "Take good care of the swaybacks and wagon in my absence. If anything bad happens, leave and I'll try to catch up with you on the way to our original destination."


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