Act 2: The duchy of Drevnedub

Myron makes his way up, apparently at ease, his hands clasped behind his back as he looks around. His brows furrow slightly as he watches the apparent preparations for the spell, apparently slightly less at ease to see men pouring their blood upon the stones... but, that done, he turns to look over the room again, then glances at his companions. "A distinguished audience you've assembled, Closimir," he notes, eyeing them all, and not just Closimir, pointedly, and perhaps a touch questioningly.

The bard smiles, "Such a grand audience indeed, and I don't even have my guitar available.....Another wasted opportunity in a career full of 'em," he chuckles lightly. Ah, well I might still entertain them all with a "rope dance" should they find me guilty and hang me, thought Closimir to himself.

"This is not the time for merriment!" one of the Elders interrupts Closmir
Now listen as I explain you your rights and the consequences of what you choose:" he says and points to the Elder standing in the middle, who continues:
"First of all, by the laws of Triman you are free to decline to be cast spells upon. However, that will weight against you in establishing your guilt or innocence in the court of the duchy. If you accept, a spell will be cast on you that will force you to answer truthfully to any question asked of you as long as you remain in this circle. Any confession brought forth in this manner is not admissible to the court on which behalf it is conducted, which means that the nobles of Drevnedub will not be the ones to judge you. If you are found to be Ninovete Vladislov you will be held in captivity until a time when you can be brought to a higher court, which would be the court of the king of Triman, when such a king is finally elected, or be judged directly by the clergy of Svarog by a trial by combat.
If you confess to other crimes you might be held in captivity as well, under the same conditions."
he pauses
"Have you understood your available choices and the consequences of them? And if so, do you need time to think on your answer?" he asks then.

Closimir clears his throat and speaks aloud for all to hear, "I stand ready to enter the circle of truth and answer all questions put to me in connection with my misidentification as Ninovete Vladislov, any crimes such villan may have committed in your duchy, as well as my activities since I first met the rogue you seek."

"Very well. You may then enter the circle and stand beside me." the Elder says and then waits for Closmir to enter the circle.
When they both stand there, he says:
"State the name you were given at birth. Then list up all the times you have been in the duchy of Drevnedub."

Growing tired of waiting for Closmir to answer, the Elder frowns: "Are you refusing to answer? That will prove your guilt!"

"Sorry my Lord. I was just silently praying to Svarog as is my custom. I did not mean to cause offense," the wary magician admits with a serious look upon his face as he knows it time to face the music.

Clearing his throat and speaking in a clear loud voice which projects through the chamber, the bard testifies, "I was given the name of Closimir Petrovich at birth and this is my first time to visit the duchy of Drevnedub."

When Closimir says this, the Elder waits for a while, then turns to the duke:
"We declare this man to speak the Truth. He is therefore not the man wanted."
"Very well." the duke answers the Elder in a calm, although a bit disappointed tone.
He then turns to Closimir
"You and your followers are free to travel the realm. However, any potions intended for sale will be confiscated, and your wagons cover will be repainted so you will not be able to act as Ninovete Vladislov in the relm. Not that I think you would want to." the duke walks toward Closimir
"Now that this matter is settled, you have my hospitality and to make amends for the hardships this trial brought on you, you are granted one boon to ask of me, which will be granted if it is reasonable." he smiles in a friendly manner

The corners of Myron's mouth turn upwards as the their companion is declared innocent of the charges; however, it soon fades away as he takes a single step forwards. "Forgive me for interrupting, Your Grace," he states, sketching a bow towards both him and the elders before continuing, both tone and words more formal than his wont. "But I must say we are the bearers of ill news that nigh defies belief; thus, perhaps it would best be relayed by the good Closimir, with this compulsion to truth still upon him."

"That would be abuse of power, don't you think?" the duke frowns, then turns to Closimir
"Step out of the circle. You are no longer held by the power of this duchy and are not subjected to answer any more questions under the spell of Trurh."

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