Preparing For The Future...

Preparing For The Future...

I decided that this conversation needed it's own thread to track it better. I really want to hear from EVERYONE about this, because I think it is very important for the future of the game....

When this game started all the characters involved except for Slygoth and Panitari were part of an adventuring group called the Guild of The Electrum Star. They even planned on getting Electrum signet rings made up with their team symbol once they earned enough to do so. Since the start of this adventure two members (Shert Rhed and Zorn Stormwind) have been killed. Gardain Wolfgang (whose player had to drop the game) was written out as having to go back home to Overlook because his father was dying. This leaves only Sengir Ishavan as the last member of that group.

Now, a name isn't wholly important, but it does allow for reputations to be built, respect to be made, and enemies to be gained. I'm a big fan of team names for the bards to have reasons to tell stories and spread fame. So I guess as we get close to the end of this adventure, you'll need to make some decisions on the future of the campaign. One of the first being if you'll stick with the name Guild of the Electrum Star, or if you'll decide to come up with something new. The Guild is fine, but with the original members basically all dead (and there's no guarantee that the last member Sengir will even survive this mission - or any of you for that matter) Sengir may not even be comfortable continuing with the name, or he may insist on it to carry on their memories.

Other decisions will have to be made as well. For example. Panitari is looking for a way to get back home to Eberron. Sengir may suggest that she travel to Candlekeep (even though he and the other guild members just fled there) because they could help her. Dawn was just passing through the area and got pulled into everything, so she may not plan on sticking around. Vegan and Slygoth are both somewhat invested in the Red Hand storyline with a shared history, and Bel as well. So I can certainly see the three of them wanting to stick together, BUT Bel has a family and life here in town and (without giving too much away), the next couple adventures will see them leaving Brindol behind for a potentially extended period of time. So would Bel be invested enough (depending on what else she learns from this adventure's end), or would she want to stay behind with her family and continue earning a living as a guide and causing trouble for Author and the local guard? Would Dawn continue on her way? Would Panitari head out on her own? Would the two of them head towards Candlekeep together?

These are all questions we'll need to start working through over the next month or two (I expect to wrap things up by November or December I think - maybe sooner... and start the next chapter).

I certainly have no issues introducing replacement characters if you decide that you just can't see your character staying with the group. Like if Bel just can't abandon her family, and freeclint decides that Author has had too much of a taste of adventure and wants to leave the guard behind for a life of adventure. If Dawn and Panitari don't feel like that is the direction their characters would need to go for their characters (though, again without giving too much away, the next two parts will be moving closer and closer to Candlekeep - which is a direction Sengir may not want to go because he's fleeing from there). There's also going to be a few weeks, maybe a month between the events of this adventure and the start of the next one, which means monetary issues for boarding, etc...

There will be more details to come, but I want to get the thinking started. I think a great place to start is deciding on the team name. Of course, as I mentioned, you can always stick with the Guild, but that doesn't necessarily fit this group as well as it did the original group. Slygoth (should he survive) will learn that the team he traveled with during the original game was called the Wranglers. He may feel nostalgic, or want to use the name to potentially draw out more people or memories from his past. You will meet another group in the next part known as the Freeriders, and they are a Brindol based group. I am going to write in a friendship between Bel and their leader and even have Bel having turned down membership of that group in the past. By the third part you will learn about the Farstriders, The Green Hand, The Company of Wolves and a group known as the Slayers. So as you can see, having a cohesive team name may end up being important by that third chapter (and Chapter 2 will be much shorter than Chapter 1 was...).

So I'd love a serious discussion about what your characters plans will be, and a team name if any (which I really do suggest, but would never enforce...). If we have to we can start narrowing down team names, and then at the end of this adventure we can throw up a poll to make a final selection.

I like Author more as a character.
I think Bel is a way more effective character and I feel a better sense of contributing with her.
Will think on who I want to play.

Guild name, should have one. Probably retire Electrum Star in my opinion.

(I'm leaning towards Bel, but we seem to need two tanks to survive...)

I'm always of the opinion that you play the character you want to play and then as a party we work with what we've got.

As for Slygoth - for him it is all about getting his story straight, so following where ever that leads, and finishing off the Red Hand once and for all.

I agree the current name probably should be retired - but I don't have a replacement suggestion for now. I'll give it some thought.

Originally Posted by freeclint View Post
I like Author more as a character.
I think Bel is a way more effective character and I feel a better sense of contributing with her.
Will think on who I want to play.

Guild name, should have one. Probably retire Electrum Star in my opinion.

(I'm leaning towards Bel, but we seem to need two tanks to survive...)
I figure the Guild name will probably get retired, but figured I'd leave the option there to keep it since the town knows the group as that... of course, like I said the team that was introduced by that name is entirely different now.

As for character selection, you may just be in that frame of mind because its been a year or better since you played Bel. I'd be happy with either character in the game, your portrayal of Aquaman has been OUTRAGEOUS!

The end of this adventure could be the determining factor for Bel... If she is satisfied by the answers she gets (or doesn't get) about her brother, etc... At any rate, Author will find himself in a relationship of sorts with Jalissa (whether her returns the amour will end up being determined by his future with the group).

There's a chance Brady will decide that with the rest of his group gone that Sengir doesn't have the spirit to go on, or maybe he'll adapt to the new group dynamic.

Slygoth and Vegan I see being in this for the long haul, as long as they survive. They are the two characters I'm certain will continue on after this adventure ends. More Red Hand shenanigans, and dangling clues may be enough to keep Bel around, but that could mean leaving her family behind. Of course, would Author be willing to abandon his post, especially being a ranking officer?

Once Dawn learns more about the history behind the Red Hand of Doom, and Slygoth's involvement, it might be enough to keep her curious enough to stick around, but with her background I can also see her moving on, possibly towards Candlekeep or Waterdeep, or even Neverwinter. Or maybe she has developed enough of a friendship with one or more of them to want to spend more time together.

Lots to consider, and I'm sure viewpoints will change between now and then.

You really get into the whole story! I could see Dawn sticking around for curiosity's sake or leaving. The only reason I'd get rid of her is because I've been playing her for so long. I do like Dawn as a character though.

I have no input for the group name. If the story progresses w/ the Red Hand then I would assume it would be something that makes sense for those with history with that group.

The Adventure Path includes the Red Hand, but that group is an old memory. It really starts to explore (after this) where the events of the original Red Hand of Doom module have led, and the powerplays that are taking place as repercussions. Aside from some connections, the actual Red Hand is oretty much gone after Chapter 2 and the beginning of three, but it starts to get into who tried to respawn it, and the further goals of the people involved.

So there is an end to the Red Hand coming, but there is much more beyond the revival of that old army. On top of that, I am trying to do a better job than the original author's of this Adventure Path did at tying the two adventures together. Their connections were really lacking. And on top of all that, I'm also trying to include details that connect this adventure to the (admittedly unfinished) Red Hand campaign that I played in and Clint ran. Slygoth is leftover from that campaign.

But of course I also like to try and work in as much as I can (and feasibility will allow) to bring in elements from the pasts of the characters involved. Aside from Dawn's scholarly nature I haven't quite found an angle to keep her in yet. Panitari, I can potentially keep with the group until at least part way into Chapter 3 (maybe longer). Bel may decide that her story is finished by the end of this. Sengir may also decide to go his own way, BUT part of Chapter 3 actually concerns his old team, so I can probably keep him invested.

I never like to say, "OK these are your characters... you are stuck with them until they die or you quit". It's a living world, and new things happen all the time. Clint might decide to give up Bel, but then later on if there is a return to Brindol, Bel might come back.

I don't like to senselessly write out characters if it can be avoided though. I hate the whole, "well, I'm done with you guys, here's my replacement" scenario. I really like story reasons for characters to come and go, and I prefer to leave return options availiable if possible.

Slygoth got killed in the second battle of this adventure, and I knew I wanted a good deal of this first chapter (at least) to center around him. So I found a reason to bring him back that actually tied into the old campaign. I'll also be wrapping that story thread up by the end of chapter 1 by the way... so Slygoth might just be on his last leg .

I'm going to stick w/ Dawn a bit longer. I'm tempted to respec her to something more effective but I'm going to leave her as she is. She'd easily follow around the party if for no reason other than to explore more.

I thought so too, or at the very least, possibly escort Panitari to Candlekeep (Liz is seriously considering retiring Panitari so she can try and find a way home, but the next adventure will put you all on the road and heading in the direction of Candlekeep, so she'll stick around a bit longer at least).

Candlekeep is a place of study after all. Basically a big 'ol library and academy type place.


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