Preparing For The Future...

Yeah, I don't know how I ever misread that. It did always seem weak to me, but no one in my RL group ever caught onto it either... so I had to wait for you (or was it Ayeba?) to call me on it...

Original Names

Before the group settled on Guild of the Electrum Star, many other names were suggested. Here are a few of them for potential consideration for the new team name (I weeded out the ones that wouldn't apply at all anymore (Like The Knights of Candlekeep):

The Brazen Band
The Force of the Phoenix
Heroes of the Heartlands
Order of the Electrum Star
Phoenix Force
The League of Extraordinary Adventurers
The Order of the Phoenix
The Phoenix Enforcers
The Phoenix Renegades

These could all be considered as future names, or dismissed by the current party. Still lots of time to discuss these things. And if anyone comes up with something they like, throw it out and we'll add it to a list, narrow it down, and then do a poll before the start of the next chapter (once we know which characters will stick around).

I was just going through old pages, and looked at the Personal Wishlist thread. After moving some of the conversations there to the OOC thread, I noticed that I never got Wishlists for Sengir or Vegan.

I won't be changing the allotted treasures for this adventure, but when I start prepping the next adventure, I'll expect everyone to update their wishlists, and it would be a good idea for Sengir and Vegan to include one there. If they don't have any items they specifically want (I'm that way in most games), they should probably at least post a message there stating that they have no treasure preference.

I also removed the wishlists from the players no longer in the game and moved them to archive to reduce clutter.

I'm thinking of a name for the group what about "The amazing Vegan!!... and friends" or "adventures of man cow with the grasseteers.


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