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Force of the Reckless Pheonix
Sounds like the Autobiography of River Phoenix.....

If Author sticks around, I would expect him to recommend The Justice League as the team name.

We'll be closing the adventure up after a few more RP exchanges, so it might be time to start revisiting the things we've been talking about here.

I'm for keeping Dawn. I'm enjoying her so far. I don't know if we ever came to a decision on the new group name.

Not fully, but there were some ideas tossed around. I know I want Clint to play Author for the beginning of the next chapter while Bel accomplishes a task off camera. If Clint decides to stick with Author, he'll have the option to play both characters for a couple of encounters based on what Bel is needed for.

Since the next adventure will have them leaving Brindol for some time, she may not be comfortable leaving her husband and town with the shape that Addy is in (and everything that she has learned about her brother and father).

I'm also going to need an identify on that shield, and (after you divide up the treasure) I'll need updates to be made to wishlists so I can finish prepping the next chapter.

You were going to when you rested in town, but it was never actually dealt with. I know you had planned to give Slygoth the armor, but the shield needed to be identified and dealt with (either sold or equipped). Currently I think Dawn is the acting treasurer of the group as she was collecting and holding on to the found money.


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