01. The Crooked Man

01. The Crooked Man

The 'thwap thwap thwap' of the helicopter blades slow to a halt. Your pilot, an older man with a grey beard, bald head and the demeanor of a grumpy old war vet named Joseph turns to face you all. “Alright. Imma be hur an’ hour er two. If ye’ aint back ‘fore then I’m gonna head inta town and grab some grub and be back tomorra mornin’. Just get yer asses back in one piece!” He says in his southern Creole accent.

You exit the helicopter in the last few hours of daylight. Joseph placed the helicopter in the only clearing of the thickly forested area he could find, conveniently next to a pathway of wooden planks leading to the home of the petrified woman. A mild spring breeze shakes the leaves of the dense tree line and you can’t help but get that feeling someone or something is watching you from beyond the thick wall of forest.

The mission is simple, find the source of the woman’s current state and if hostile eradicate it. Otherwise bring it in for research and questioning. Peering up the path you can see the house is a good half hour walk away.

If your character did any preliminary research you can roll for that, you've got a nice walk ahead of you. Giving some time to RP with each other.

Garret hops down out of the chopper his double breasted pale linen duster flaring in the wind, his hooves sinking into the soft earth sending up a small spray of turf and making a "clop clop" sound as he lands with as much grace as he could manage. His pappy's whippit gun slapping his ribs as he quickly moves out of the mud and on to the planks with a clatter.

His hair already wild and untamable is set a flutter with the wind from the rotors. The hairs on the back of Garret's neck are standing on end his skin tingling with tension as he glances around at the too familiar surroundings. . . . . dense forest and rolling foothills. " Been awhile since I been back round this area, We better hope there ain't any Puca a'round. . . My kin an' the local clans have a bit'ah shall we say histry." , Garret shakes his head as he starts to walk rather than wait for the team.

A too full smile crosses his face as he thinks back, " wonder if that satyr girl Glenda still lives in one'a these hollers?. . ." . His thoughts then wonder to the team as his reminiscing fades to the background and work moves to the forefront. . . " Maybe I should say something to Chalybs being as how this part of the country tends to dislike strangers especially the flying monstery type and answer the door with the barrel of a gun? . . . ", he rubs his hands through his hair and then puts them in his coat pockets, the Cheshire grin returning to his face. . ." Now what would be the fun in that, for Pan's sake this is gonna get good quick".

He glances back to the others,"So what'a we know an who's gotta plan?"

Draco steps out of the helicopter, slowly stretching his massive metal wings. He then retracts them into their Scythe-like shut position and pulls them close to his body along with his tail, assuming his "travel form" which looks like a well-armored Fantasy character with dual scythes across his back.

He takes a quick and obviously uninterested look around the area, then sighs heavily. I can't believe this is my first assignment. I could have gotten a Minotaur wrestling assignment. I could have been ordered to retrieve a berry from a pack of wild Fae. I could have been given ANY assignment to give me honor, and here I am hunting down some b!t(#'s nightmare... Mother save me...*

"Seems to me like we could use a scout, what with the thickness of these trees. If you need me, tweak your nose with your thumb. I'll be waiting"

Dice Roll: 1d6
d6 Results: 5
steps into the thick of the forest, attempting to blend into the background to utilize his speed and sight advantages as a lookout. (Stealth
Dice Roll: 1d6
d6 Results: 4
Wild Die)

*A Draconi's way of saying "God help me"

William Huntington

Prior to leaving HQWilliam spent a few hours researching petrification at the Authority library. It's causes, and possible cures.

At the landing siteWilliam exited the chopper,stepping onto the soft earth, and immediately looked around. His gut was telling him that they were being watched, and William had learned to trust his gut.

"We'll be back just as soon as we solve this little mystery and not a moment sooner." He told the helicopter pilot.

"What's a Puca?" William questioned Garret.

"Good Idea, Draco... Thumb to nose... Got it." William replied.

Ivy scowled slightly as she stepped out of the chopper, grateful to be back on solid ground once more. Although the Authority never truly skimped on the budget, she'd found the flight cramped and too long for her tastes.
Although being in the same space as that infernally cheerful faun for any prolonged period never helped her mood any.

She sighed softly. No, that wasn't fair on Garret. And she'd been in a pissy mood since she'd found out what the assignment would entail. She glanced up at Garret's question, shrugging slightly.
"No plan as of yet... I think we should run through everything with the girls' families, comb the area so we can get an idea of what we're up against before we rush into anything..." no sense in putting themselves at risk before they could figure out what the risk was, right?

She shivered slightly as the breeze hit once more, more of wariness than cold. Couldn't shake the feeling that they were being watched. She grit her teeth, silently wishing that she'd had more time to research the petrifiction before they'd departed. Too late now...

She grinned slightly despite herself. From the look on Draco's face, he wasn't any happier about the situation than she was, although their reasons were different, she imagined...

Dice Roll:
d4 Results: 3 (Total = 5)

Wild die:
Dice Roll:
d6 Results: 3 (Total = 5)

Garret let's his head hang back staring at the sky he answers William, "A Puca good sir is me and my kin, the children of pan, protectors of the wild places etc etc. . . If it'sa man with Animmal bits and bob's and likes to raise Hell chances are it's a Puca of some sort. And like I said there's a clan or two lives in west Virginia up in the hills and it's been awhile since I've been back to my old stompin grounds soooo I don't know where they're ranging of late." lifting his head, Garret adjusts the badge hanging around his neck so it can be seen above the coat. . .

His grin takes on a mischievous glint as he wonders to himself, "My pappy'd whip me a good one if he was still with us, hot damn a GoodFellow lawman, let alone an enforcer of "Man's" law.". The smile fades as he looks to the rest of the team now all out of the chopper and heading his way all exept one,"That there Chalybs running off on his own in the deep dark. . . . Hmmmph . . . Well someone had ta do it I guess.". He looks at Ivy Glaring at everyone as she talks. . .

"Good plan boss lady, let's talk to the victims and anyone else we can round up, then case the joint. . . Combing all these foothills with just us ain't gonna amount ta much and it'll take more time than we got. We're gonna have to do some diggin to narrow it down. . . . So did anyone's research turn anything up?"

Garret's sure to keep an eye to the tree line as he walks and talks, still not quite shaking that feeling of being watched. . . . Something he was more used to causing than feeling.

Notice RollsThe eyes of avian creatures peer back at you from tree branches and you see toads and rats scuttle from your gaze, but no out of the ordinary creatures are spotted.


William Huntington

William pulls out a small notepad and flips through a couple of pages. "Hmm... According to my notes, we're most likely dealing with witches or perhaps a lamia. If we are dealing with witches, that might explain the sensation of being watched, I've been feeling since we got here. There's a good chance were being scryed on as we speak."

"Or that we're under watch from a familiar of some sort." Ivy added to William's statement. "And should that be the case, in a place as full of nature as this, there's no avoiding it. In any case, they'd know we're here by now..."

Draco purposely snaps a twig with his tail in an attempt to spook his teammates.

This is gonna be a loooooong mission. Might as well find SOMETHING to amuse me...


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