World Information

World Information

Kingdom of Agamar
Agamar is a land of light forests and vast grasslands, dominated by a handful of large wealthy cities. The dominant religion in Agamar is ancestor worship and each city has a main shrine, overseen by a Cleric. It is also common for homes to have small shrine.

King Conrad II rules from the capital city of Highgate. Highgate is the largest city in the kingdom and the royal crest is a gold eagle on a white background.

The two largest knight orders in the kingdom are based out of Highgate. They are the Order of the Gryphon and the Order of the Dragon.

The Kingdom is mostly a normal mana level, however a few small pockets of high and low mana also exist.

The Currency of Agamar is in copper coins. 1 silver coin = 10 copper coins and 10 silver coins = 1 gold coin

Whiterock is a large city and seaport on the sea of Agala. It is the second largest city in the kingdom and it is the major trade center for Agamar. The city is ruled by Lord Aldwin Scarmantle. His family crest is a white stag on a blue background.

There are more than 30 guilds in in the city. The three largest guilds are the Magic guild, Mercenary guild and the Merchant guild.

Humans are the dominant race on the continent. The majority of them live in the kingdom of Agarmar. The language common to all humans is simply called common.

Not much is know about elven culture as they keep to themselves and rarely leave their woodland homes. They do not like the company of anyone who is not an elf and do not allow them to tresspass in their woods. Those who do are not seen again.

A short and hardy race who live in mountain srongholds. They are well know for the quality of their weapons and armour. Dwarves commonly trade with the kingdom.

Orcs are a warrior race, noble in their brutality, calculating in their ruthlessness, and proud of their history. They love all things war, and they hate cowardice, surrender, and defeat. There are several orc settlements on the borders of Agamar and orc raids are common on the smaller kingdom towns.

For my veteran of war character, would it be correct to state he once served in the Order of the Gryphon?

The Magic guild is ok with magic being used by non members. They see non members as limiting their future study by not joining.

The Order of the Gryphon is a good choice for your war veteran

Yes there is a thieves guild in Whiterock. It does not yet have a name. If you can think of a one, I'll use it .

Submitted character concepts go in the ad thread, once approved then each player will make a thread for their character in the characters folder

So, how much influence does religion have?

The religion of the Ancestors is important in the lives of the people. Most homes have a small shrine and travelers will often stop at a major shrine to honor the memory of the ancestors. The Clergy (Guild of Clerics) are the keepers of the faith and perform the necessary rituals.

There is no divine magic as such, they see magic as part of the natural order. This is a common view they share with the Magic Guilds.


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