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So, would Religious Rank be appropriate?

Are there any other things about the religion that I should know about?

That would depend if there were an active Theocracy built around the religion or whether just the society as a whole just follows the same faith.So i would be inclined to believe there would be not active clergy or cleric structure.

If everyone has a in home Shrine! is there a point to having an established temple?
Because if they worship their ancestors! its personal! why would a stranger come to a common building to pray to his neighbours dead family? think of it that way?

Thats the understanding im following. Although he's only doing it to combat me lol.

Im a long time friend of Aelun and a veteran of many of his games. And he knows what tricks i can bring.. but not all..

From :
In English, the word worship usually refers to the reverent love and devotion accorded a deity or divine being. However, in other cultures, this act of worship does not confer any belief that the departed ancestors have become some kind of deity. Rather, the act is a way to respect, honor and look after ancestors in their afterlives as well as seek their guidance for their living descendants. In this regard, many cultures and religions have similar practices. Some may visit the graves of their parents or other ancestors, leave flowers and pray to them in order to honor and remember them, while also asking their deceased ancestors to continue to look after them. However, this would not be considered as worshipping them.

It is in that sense that the translation ancestor veneration may convey a more accurate sense of... (the rest is irrelevant)
Is this what you mean by ancestor worship, Aelun? I didn't read the whole page, I don't think there is any need.
My character does not think his ancestors are gods, but he asks for their advice, and tries to please them. I don't see why there can't be a communal place to honour individual families in this way.
Christianity, and most other religions, include some form of ancestor veneration.

You are correct the ancestors are not gods, it is about veneration of the dead. People often seek their advice, and try to please them.

Is there anything else involved in their religion, such as gods or deities? Or are the clergy just people that have devoted their lives to the veneration of all their peoples ancestors, and helping others in their personal worship?

I usually just avoid discussing religion altogether, but I'm very interested in both the idea of ancestor veneration, which I practice but had never actually heard described so plainly, but I also love your world, and want to really immerse myself in my character...

Can you tell us any more about the Order of the Dragon, such as their ongoing role/purpose?

There are no Gods/Dieties in this game usually seen in other fantasy games. Xaviien is correct in that the clergy are just people who have devoted their lives to the veneration of all their peoples ancestors, and helping others in their personal worship.

The role of the order of the Dragon are as protectors of the Crown and the city of Highgate. They also protect the crowns interests throughout the kingdom.


So, how real are they?

Which is to say, are they more like spirits in a fantasy setting that you could communicate with, or more like ghosts in real life, which may or may not exist?


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