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If it's the same as my actual IRL beliefs, it's the latter. I don't necessarily think my long dead ancestors can hear me think to them, but I sometimes talk to them in my thoughts anyway, and I can imagine the kind of advice my great grandfather would have given me, for most situations. Basically he was a gentleman, and I try to model myself after that. Xaviien on the other hand (my character in this game) "worships" or idolises (looks up to basically) his great great great grandfather who was a mighty warrior, and likely insane with bloodlust.

I'd like Aelun to clarify that as well, if possible. Is there any chance, for instance, of Horatio appearing in the clouds, Mustafa style, and tell me something about the circle of life, or maybe just speak to me in a dream?
I feel this may happen to my character anyway. The thing is, he will believe it is Horatio speaking with him, but no information would ever be provided through a vision like that unless the character already had that knowledge, maybe locked away somewhere in the back of their mind, repressed or forgotten.

The spirits of the ancestors rarely communicate with people and will only do so through dreams or visions if it is of great importance. Wizards and clergy with the appropriate spells can communicate with the ancestors.

What are the rules, ranks, and costs for the merchant guild? I forgot about its existence - and since I've made an upstanding merchant I should probably be a member.

Rank is an advantage and you usually is 5pts per level,with the upper levels only allowed to be gained with Gm approval.
You just have to write it as Rank (Merchant guild) and then it is entirely up to the Gm to declare whether the merchant guild has a rank structure or you will be wasting your pts.

Aelun sorry to go on about the who cultural aspect of Ancestor worship,i understand how you want to bring it across,however you know me and way i concern myself with game mechanics.

Well can you please have a look at page 37 in the 4th Ed Fantasy book under the heading Ancestor Worship.
It says basically what you've implied is the cultural aspect,however there is one point you may have missed if this is the style you intended.

Its treats the Descendants as in the Wraith rpg game as almost like Fetters to the Ancestors.,where we must provide a maintence (Basic book page 143) (in whatever form) to them in order to sustain them.
Failure to do so ,eventually means they are effectively forgotten and that Ancestor is lost forever.

Id put it this way,like Egyptian's had cartouche's which carried that person name supposedly forever,so as long as no one defiled your many cartouches,you would be remembered ,hence never dead and forgotten.

a person who had his cartouches destroyed ,in theory was a person to be forgotten not just in this life but the next.

This puts an interesting element into the group in that we must pay homage to the Ancestors or they cease to be,if they cease to be our very culture changes.
I see it difficult ,because in effect families would tend to remember all of their dead ancestors and it would be their duty to honour them. but what happens if the end of the lineage dies. Would his Neighbour take up the worship of all his fallen friends line or would they all just fade if his neighbour chooses not to..the whole am i my brothers keeper now plays a part.

I could now see a need for a clergy for this reason. Like in some churches we light candles to remember the dead.
Maybe the temple have a book of the dead or book under another name containing all the cities names of the entire lineage back to the foundings of the worship. And if they Clergy do not honour them all every day/week ,month is generated through the community that we all must come and honour someone maybe not even of our own lineage to keep that Ancestor safe.

To decide whether my character needs to invest in merchant guild rank, I wanted to know more about the guild.
  • What happens if I don't join (and related) what benefits do I get from joining?
  • Do I need to buy rank in the guild to buy or sell?
  • What are the rules of the guild if I join?
  • Do I need to give discounts/cost increases to those of higher/lower rank?

I would say firstly you have to decide whether you have joined the merchant guild,maybe theirs an annual membership duty.
otherwise you would be considered a free trader.

Then you have a city where you either work with the collective guild structure and they may trade amongst themselves for cheaper rates. where as if you're an outsider you may not get that privalege.

Then as for your question! a merchant rank could be based on wealth level? as a sign of status.
Reputation if the guild is politcial motivated and say elevates its friends to high places, if its corrupt.

lots of different factors could apply.

Guilds do have Ranks, most members only have 1 or 2 ranks (5/10 pt). Higher ranks are for higher positions within the guild structure.
Membership does have its benefits such as access to rare goods and services, discounts on buying goods and higher prices for good sold. (these rates are not dependent on guild rank, however haggling is expected).

The cost of yearly membership for most guilds is 200 copper coins.

Membership is not essential in the guilds, but they do have benefits.

How big is Agamar?
How far apart are the cities?
Are there any Dwarvern communities inside the Kingdom of Agamar, and if not, how far away are they?
I guess I could just say my character "wandered around hunting, trading meat and hides for weapons, and often getting drunk with Humans, and occasionally Dwarves." or something like that, but I'm having a quite a lot of fun writing about my characters backstory.

Oh, I only want any extra detail you've already thought up, I am NOT trying to add more work for you. If the kingdom/continent is fairly empty, I can make stuff up


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