World Information

The kingdom of Agamar consists of a number of large cities and many small villages dotted around the countryside.

For travel, the large cities maybe a week or more apart, but you will encounter villages only a few days apart. I have not named all of the villages/cities yet, so feel free to make stuff up.

There is a Dwarven community in the mountains two weeks west of Whiterock. There may be one much further north.

What is the generally accepted creation myth in this world? In my most recent post, I originally wanted to reference it. I removed that portion with a minor rewrite, but knowing the story might come in handy in the future.

The generally accepted creation myth is:

In a time before time, the first ancestor was a lone spirit that lived in the spirit world. He came to this place and looked about, seeing a world without any kind of life. He reached down into the mud and molded a form similar to his own shape. Into this form he gave life and was no longer alone. Happy with what he had accomplished he made more mud forms of different shapes and gave life to the first trees and animals.

Your back story fits into my world. Anuhea's nudity was behind closed doors and clearly necessary for the ritual.


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