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This is just a basic Character type reservation for my character's position.

My Character Is the First Sword of Whiterock,proctector of his Lordship,defender of the realm.
More to come.

Instead of messing up everybody's character threads (sorry bhack ) I figured I should break the ice here.

Most of my character names will be a derivative of Xaviien, so Xav will always do fine, IC or not.

This will be my first GURPS game, and possibly my first game full stop. I've got another character, Xavakor the dual axe wielding barbarian, accepted in a rookie 3.5e game, but I really want to play GURPS, as I love the adaptability and realism of the system, plus the fact that it uses d6's, which I honestly think is a solid basis for an easy to pick up system. (wtf would I know though lol)

My character sheet is going to be a bit of a mess, due to my vast newbosity, and the fact that I have no idea how to create a GURPS character, let alone the best way to translate my concept into a working and useful character.
So basically, any feedback, critical or not, and pretty much any input at all would be greatly appreciated.

I really look forward to playing with you guys.
Thanks for reading.

If its any consolation,Im more of a 3rd Ed player,but im starting on getting in 4th. Made several characters and with each are improoving .
So if in need of help,ask and you will recieve.

One question I do have, if I lower some attributes, and raise others, do those changes get taken out of my 100/45? Or can I rearrange my 4 main attributes for "free" and use the 100/45 for tweaking derived stats/adding skills etc?

The base attributes all are 10 at a points cost of 0,if you want to improove those,there are set pts that you need to spend to boost them.
You can also however choose to lower an attribute as well and you can see it will have a - figure in pts.
Say you drop your stat by 1 from 10 to 9 i believe thats -10pts ,well you then can shift that 10pts elsewhere.

Note 100pts is the total! but the grand total is actually 150pts.
because if you take a full -45 pts in disadvantages and -5 in quirks. that -50pts generates +50pts which you can put back into your pc.

I understand that I gain back 10pts for each -1 STR, but am I limited in only lowering EVERYTHING by a combined total maximum of 50?
So if I want 6 Str (for example only, I wouldn't lower it that far) does that leave me with only 5 more points to take more disadvantages, even if those 40 pts I gained by dropping 4 str are invested directly into +2 Dex?

I'll try to put together my character sheet, and see if the point restriction becomes an issue. It's just that I'm trying to simulate someone with -1 Size modifier, but I don't quite want to be that small, and I'm not even sure if I'm allowed to, or if I can be almost small enough, and just fudge it.

I'm also not sure if I'm being clear in my description of what I'm trying to do...

Points gained from lowering your main attributes do not count towards the -45 disadvantages and -5 quirks.. think of them as extra points to spend on your character.


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