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Thank you all for your feedback. Im doing my spelllist as we speak,hence needed both those questions answered.

How long is a "game session?" Several advantages and disadvantages (Patron, Ally, Dependent) have a frequency of appearance and one is supposed to roll at the beginning of a game session. This would be obvious in a tabletop game, but in PbP, when does a game session start/end?

There are rules for switching it to game time- powers p. 108, 1 per hour of play converts to once per day game time, if it is uses per session it converts to uses per game week...

Heh. If you're lucky. I think some games have been going for years, without any characters having lunch yet...

I have been in games where they make a new thread for each major encounter, and reset things like that when they reset the thread. But who knows. Not sure there is an optimal answer.

To simplify the time frame of sessions, i intend to start a new thread for each session to allow chance for allies and dependents etc

These sessions will take about 6 weeks each to complete from start to finish.

Yes there are many magical creatures in the world, most of them were created during the time of Anrahdynn. So there is a good chance you will encounter some.

Good to see some of the characters are ready to play. Please can the remaining characters be completed by tomorrow or the next day, so we may start.


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