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OK I have the story all finished up I think, and I've found most of the skills and advantages I want him to have, I just have to transfer everything over to my sheet and make the numbers balance now.
Should I make my sheet private? I noticed a lot of other players have done.
I'm sure I'll be back with more questions soon.

It is your decision if you want your sheet private and hidden from the other players. We can help you with any questions you may have.

Would being the son of a respected Knight, and coming from a long line of Knights give me Status +1, and Rep +2 (small class, sometimes) with Knights from the Order of the Dragon?
Also am I able to say my character has been trading with the Dwarves to the West, buying their weapons (including his custom shurikens) and selling them meat and hides? Would that allow him a Rep +2 (small class, all the time) with the Dwarves in that area?
I would also like to give him +1 Rep with merchants and townspeople in a few towns west of Whiterock, where he also traded meat and hides/furs while travelling around.Sorry for taking so long to get my character done, but I'm not sleeping tonight until I get it all finished up...

To be a knight you need to be military rank 2 (costing 10pts).
Status is just your social status,the higher the rank the higher u are in society.
Reputation just means you have earned some recognition with that person,or group,and it carries influence bonuses .

if you as you say have rep with various cities,it just means you are well travelled and well respected.

Thanks for the explanation Cheezal. I've gone through that part a bit more, and I understand a little better now.
I'm leaving status out, and I don't want to be an actual Knight, my character is descended from a long line of heroic Knights though, so that would give me some rep with the Order, right?

Yes being the son of a respected Knight, and coming from a long line of Knights will give you Rep +2 with Knights from the Order of the Dragon. You can also take the other Rep's too. You just need to spend the required points.

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