Dr. Christian James Dubois

Dr. Christian James Dubois

Dr. Christian James Dubois

age 30
home planet Glisten


strength 9 [+1]
dexterity 6 [+0]
endurance 12 [+2]
intelligence 8 [+0]
education 11 [+1]
social standing 9 [+1]

zero-g [0]
vacc suit [0]
computers [0]
life science (cybernetics) [1]
comms [1]
diplomat [0]
medic [3]
investigate [0]
sensors [1]
life science (biology) [0]
life science (genetics) [0]
gambler [0]


Melissa Perry
They met while studying together in university. Her understanding of cybernetics always seemed to amaze him and he attributes most of what he knows about cybernetics to her. They dated briefly but ended up breaking up as it began to take too much time away from their work. they still remain friends.

Alex Trester
Alex showed christian the world of online poker in his second year of studies and they have been friends ever since.

Synopsis of service
working and taking classes, mostly in cybernetics and medicine christian began winning Small awards for his work in medicine. After just a few years he decided to leave his position to instead study science more freely on his own. He was given his own laboratory ship and the authority to use it as he would like to make future discoveries in his scientific fields as long as yearly reports were sent in about his findings.


mesh suit
medical slow (3)
combat drug (5)

lab equipment
medical supplies

Huzzah, we have a name for the medic!

Work with the others to establish connections. Remember that you get up to two free skills for doing so, so long as they are appropriate to the connections you make.


Two things:

1) What planet/system do you hail from?

and 2) What kinds of ways can we try to make a connection?

hmm iono maybe did a surgery on one of your men with some sort of grenade in him or something?
patched one of you up after a fight or shootout of some kind.

i believe am from glisten but i could be wrong i will have to check with vannevar on that one.

w.e you come up with for connections is fine.

My character used to travel a lot for work. conferences and w,e.

How about patching Anton up after a scuffle over a fixed gambling table?

I can take Melee (unarmed) 1, Gambler 1, or maybe Streetwise 1.

It should be noted that Dr Dubois only took three terms, and was in civilian service. I'm sure he treated military people, but probably not as a battlefield medic.

Poker or a bar fight with Anton sounds fine.

We could say I was on the right planet at the right time and was asked by the marines to help deal with a cure for some sort of biological weapons being used by a local terrorist group. We met as you were one of the infected marines or a good friend of yours was. Or you were just the one commanding the operation to shut them down.


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