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Sorry, guys, tough week for me here...

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Er, Zuri? Actually...

My original plan was to have each crane attack one Erylium. I modified the battlemap AFTER I saw the result of the confusion rolls.

For fairness's sake, we should roll to see which crane got what.

EDIT: On the flipside, if we don't do that, the point of the mirror image is moot, since NOT disappearing after taking the hit means we know which is the real one.
That was a brain lapse on my part. Both cranes hit, so one popped aan image and one hit the real Erylium.
Which crane hit Erylium:
Dice Roll:
d2 Results: 2

Gozzik would have had to drop his sword and attack with his polearm to hit the elemental, which he had the actions to do. The elemental is dismissed.

Enemy turn coming later today...

Don't worry everyone, in Zuriel's abscence I will fill in this round.

Suddenly out of nowhere a magical wind blows through the tunnels, dismissing all creatures not of this plane. You find a large chest of gold in the back of room, opening it you find 30000 gold! Returning to the surface, you are hailed as heroes and may now level up to level 5.


Zuriel hasn't been on since the 29th, but he said he was having a tough week. Maybe he just hasn't had the chance to get on yet. But to answer your question: yes, a little. (more because with his crazy posting rate I'd assume something actually happened to him more than he was just too busy to jump on).

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