The Shadow Over the Keep


"Alright, let's see what you can do!" Stormblade declared as she brought up her sword at your group in challenge. As she does so, the notebook by her feet uncrumples itself and floats up into the air in front of the captain's face. "What the?" The note explodes in a bright flash, however the captain was no longer there. "Too slow, mage." Stormblade, who suddenly appeared behind Q, said as a large grin stretched upon her face. Carl, from his extensive military training, was the first to notice what happened and quickly reacted.

Carl whirls, sensing the arcane signature of the captain even as she reappears. He fires two bolts in quick succession over his slower allie's shoulder. The captain dodges them easily (I think, 19s on both attacks) but Carl is not even looking at her. he makes a quick 90 spin to the right. The metal tube under his bow flares and lances out at Jared. Before the dwarf can even cry out he is enveloped by a skin of electricity. It does not hurt at all, in fact it feels like another layer of armor.

"Stay close to me if you can. I can generaly increase your accuray and power. Do not be alarmed by all the lightning"

Looking back he can see the captain's head crackling wit residual energy from his attack. It distracts her enough to allow a few openings in her defenses. Hmm...I did not mean to do that but my energy signature has been know to fluctuate from time to time...fascinating!

Though none of Carl's attacks met their mark, Stormblade lost her footing somewhat as she avoided the assault. "Not bad but you should've tried to defend your team's weakest link!" she shouted as she brutally assaulted Q.

As the Captain's blade is about to hit Carl's crossbow flares again. Lighting encases the wizard's body and manages to deflect the sword just enough to lessen the blow. The lighting armor persists for a bit.

"Do not worry. I can take of my allies captain."

"Ooh, that was quick." DuFresne commented seeing the exchange of attacks and spells in quick succession.

When the dust from the woman's attack lowered slightly, instead of a bloody and angry wizard, there arose a snug-looking wizard, and though Pete (His Iron Cohort, remember) had been hit, he hadn't lost a single drop of blood.

"Quick? You haven't seen quick." He said. The last thing she saw of him was a small wink, as he suddenly disappeared, the space he was in suddenly filled with an abyssal maw.

He reappeared next to the giant boar, and the small creature on it. He started talking in an ancient arcane language, his voice filled with thunderous might
"Nay I say to thay attacking may or my allays agayn. I Shall smite thay with may mayghty power if thay do so agayn." would be a rough translation of his words.

"You sound ridiculous!" Stormblade laughed. Though she showed no pain, Q was sure that the spell had at least partially effected her.

New map:

The team ignored his advice and here it cost them as he had predicted. Further, since he was waiting on others to position themselves to best set himself in support(as he stated) he had not chosen a good starting position. Now his allies would think he made the mistake he warned them against. Some of what he could do was bound to affect them badly. So be it. The game was on ...

How did you get 38 damage? Counting from your rolls you should only have 24. Also roll 1d100.

Also the immobilize was neither (I would've said if it was one or the other otherwise) however it is no longer effect now that you are no longer adjacent to Stormblade. Oh yeah, the same goes to Q.

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