The Shadow Over the Keep

Oh yeah I forgot that max damage thing. I've been playing a lot of 3.5 lately and critical hits meant you rolled your damage more than once.

The blast of eldritch energy launched at Stormblade unerringly. When she turned to look for where Q disappeared to, the blast connects with her in a very delicate spot. Though you didn't intentionally aim it in such a way, the blast hits her... in the eye. With little more than a grunt of pain and stepping back a few steps to show it affect her, the blast had destroyed her right eye and a part of her skull around it, leaving it a bloody mess.

The crowd around you that had been chatting or cheering fell silent, looks of shock and horror was clear on many of their faces. The halfling, Jacib, was had his mouth wide open, he seemed to be trying to shout or say something but the words couldn't reach his mouth and even DuFresne who had been somewhat aloof to the situation dropped her cigarette, almost unable to rationalize what happened.

The silence that had befallen the training ground was broken just as quickly as it came, "Good shot, but you should've taken them both." Stormblade laughed as she continued to stand unwavering even with a wound that would take down anyone lesser. "Well then, let's continue." she said as she braced for the next attack.

New map-

Oh hey, I forgot about my attack of opportunity.

As you cast your spell, Stormblade looked for where Q disappeared to and noticed you casting a spell, causing her to attack you in response... you know before you horribly maim her.

Eldritch strike is a melee attack. There is no attack of opportunity. Even if it wasn't I have staff expertise that would negate it.

Wait you're a freaking hex blade? You know I probably should've realized that. I'm sorry, I thought you used the ranged one.

No I'm a regular warlock (hybrid) But instead of Eldritch bolt you can take Eldritch Strike and its melee.

Eldritch strike is an option for the original Warlock, not the hexblade (there is no Hybrid hexblade). Warlocks get the option of Eldritch Blast (Ranged) or Eldritch Strike (Melee).

Each power is a basic attack.

Oh good, I thought I made a horrible mistake... wait why in the hell did you take eldritch strike? Crap, I made that entire last post with eldritch bolt in mind. I did make a horrible mistake! I really liked the idea of you blasting out her eye but now it just seems silly for that to happen with a staff. Well let's just assume the attack has the force to still do that because I am not going back on that. I've already planned on stuff revolving around her losing her eye.

Also I like how we are all talking out of character in the game thread.

Spooky eldritch forces - who knows what they could do? Bythe way we are doing ooc stuff in the live thread.

I don't know that's why I asked. You started it by saying you didn't provoke an opportunity attack... and now I'm continuing it by making this post. Damn it all. We can continue this conversation (if you want) in the OOC thread.

Jared rode up behind Stormblade and hacked at her with his axe but his attack missed by a wide margin.

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