People in the realm

People in the realm

Voron Crow

Duke Mstislav, the "Old Bear" of Dubrovo
Duke Mstislav is the duke of Drevnedub. He has been of questionable allegiance to the last king, including not paying taxes, and is on unfriendly terms with the Duke of Ledoslavl. The duke is also known for his stubbornness, his refusal to attend the council of nobles and his territorial squabbles with the duchies of Gradoslavl and Ledoslavl.
It is also rumored that he holds to many heathen practices in stead of following the church of Svarogs teachings
His heraldic emblem is a bear on a throne holding a sword in one hand and a rabbit or hare in the other.
The depicted sword on the emblem is said to be the the legendary longsword "The Claw" which has been passed down through many generations in the dukes family

Sir Krestnik of Borowi
Sir Krestnik was brought up in the castle of Dubrovo and is considered to be the illegitimate son of duke Mstislav, although there has never been any public declaration of his status until he was knighted and given the town of Borowi as his fief.
His heraldic emblem is a black bear cub on a white background

Vratslav, captain of the Copper Guard
Vratslav is the captain of the Copper Guard. Legend has it that he is the only copper guard to be admitted into the order by personal request rather than being selected by the Copper Guards themselves. He was also the youngest know copper guard, joining only 25 years old.

Petr of Urechka
(Kindly Old Man)

In better days Petr might have stood tall and strong, but now the weight of years has settled upon his shoulders, bowing his back by degrees. His skin is as tanned leather, and his feet (bare, even in the cold of the north) are so gnarled and knobby that they might be mistaken for the shoddy crafts of an amateur carpenter. He wears only tattered rags and a mane of stark white hair that blankets his neck and face, and his stiff, claw-like hands are often seen twisted around a pinewood staff whose surface has been etched with all manner of
Those with knowledge of the Celestial language might be able to read them, were they to inspect it closely.
strange runes, and is topped with the familiar bronze sun that many a holy man wears about their necks.

Yet while it seems that such a creaky old creature would be the last to march headlong into danger, in his evergreen eyes there is an absolute certainty, and though his body is shriveled his gait is always strong and determined. There is often a smile at play upon his lips, even in the most dire of circumstances.

Unsuspecting.. Just the way I like em.

Name: Seroth Cernmor
Race: Human
Alignment: Neutral, Chaotic Tendencies
Class: Scout/Rogue

Appearance: Seroth stands fairly tall, just shy of six foot. He is muscular in the areas that give him strength such as the shoulders and arms, yet has the lean, lithe torso and legs of a long distance runner. He has a long, loping gait but instead of walking the way most humans do (heel to toe), he moves on the balls of his feet. This gives others the impression that he is always ready to move and adds to the wolfish persona that he exudes. Seroth has runic tattoos that seem to swirl and extend from his wrists, up his arms and briefly extend onto his chest, shoulders and shoulder blades. The skin that an observer can see is tanned a dark olive, the skin of a man that sees a lot of sun. What most people never see are the many burns and weapon scars that cover his torso and upper legs.

He wears pants camouflaged in very dark brown and green, tucked into calf height supple black boots. Buckled to the outside of the right boot is a long hunting dagger. A wide black leather belt on his hip holds a wicked looking blade, somewhat between the size of a shortsword and a Dagger. The handle is slightly curved which fits Seroth’s hand perfectly when he holds the blade either point forward (uncommon) or point downward (more often). Several pouches hang off the belt, containing an assortment of tools. He wears a tunic of black cotton under a leather vest, the surface of which has been scored in multiple places by the blades of enemies. Despite this, the vest still looks sharp and tidy. Hooked into a scabbard that sits on his back is a large, slightly curved blade that looks more like a massive cleaver than a sword. Seroth typically only uses this in a straight up fight and swings the awkward looking weapon quite easily. All these items are kept in easy reach and are secured to him with dull black buckles. He carries a large staff that doubles as a walking stick, though since he is so agile he does not need the tool.

Typically a black leather strap of a headband holds back his black shoulder length hair from his face. His hair falls straight when not tied back, thought this is only the times when he is relaxed and in good company. On sunny days he wears a wide brimmed travelers hat that shades his eyes from the sun but if the day is cloudy or when travelling/exploring at night he stores this in his pack to keep it out of the way. He wears a black scarf around neck that doubles as a mask when Seroth is participating in clandestine pursuits. He also has a supple, black leather overcoat for rainy days.

Seroth sports a scar across his face from the hairline at the top/left of his forehead, across bridge of his nose to end in a rough trail across his right cheek. He has high cheek bones, thin lipped smile with brilliant white teeth and a nose reminiscent of a hawks beak. This gives him a sharp look, almost lupine in nature. He has piercing pale blue eyes that almost seem white in certain lights. His skin is unblemished but he is always rugged, seemingly always having 5 o'clock shadow.

only the hair is wrong

Link to sheet

Name: Goran Krylov
Sex: Male
Classes: Ranger 5 / Thug 4 / Horizon Walker 1
Alignment: Neutral Good
Party Role: Hunter, Tracker, Ranged Support
Appearance: The first thing most people notice about Goran is his height. He is at least a hand taller than most people, and he seems even larger when hooded and cloaked. But his broad shoulders and thick, barrel chest are well proportioned; and he seems neither lanky and lean nor fat and ungainly. Goran has a rather plain face, brown hair and eyes that are mostly unremarkable. His face has a large scar on the left side that he received as a child and which never healed properly. Goran moves with quick and easy movements, confident of his steps and almost a swagger in his stride. Whether out ranging in the forest, at work doing chores on his family’s farm, or in a tavern, Goran is always clad in simple and weather worn garb. He prefers his clothes to be brown and green, loose fitting and well broken in.
The second thing most people notice would be Goran’s enormous bow. When strung it is nearly as tall as an ordinary man, and only Goran’s extreme height allows him to use it with relative ease. He can fire off arrows as quickly as you can blink, each shaft shot with deadly accuracy. Most folks cannot even draw back an arrow on his bow, so great is the strength required to use it. Goran can usually be found fidgeting with an arrow, or arrow head at least, and he is never far from his trusty weapon. While Goran wears a sword on his hip, he rarely uses it. But he makes certain the blade is always razor sharp and the weapon is well tended to.

Personality: Goran is often somewhat sour and pessimistic, though that is usually just in his own head. He speaks very little unless directly addressed, but then he is perfectly content to share his opinions on most any subject. Goran has no use for the “soft” lifestyle of so many people that have grown up never lacking for food or shelter. When hard times come, he prides himself on being almost entirely self-sufficient. Growing up in a house of only boys, Goran has been around women very rarely and even now he finds most ladies both mystifying and intimidating. If a woman asks him about hunting, Goran could probably manage to string enough words together to make a sentence. But if engaged in conversation about most any other topic, and Goran will find himself tongue-tied and stuttering.

Dr. Ninovete Vladislov

Name: Closimir Petrovich
Sex: Male
Class: Bard10
Alignment: CG
Special Abiliities Bard Abilities,
Cure Light Wounds Wand &

TOUCH OF HEALING [DIVINE] (Complete Champion pg. 61)

You can channel divine energy into healing with a touch.

Prerequisite: Ability to cast 2nd-level spells.
Benefit: As long as you have a conjuration (healing) spell of 2nd level or higher available to cast, you can spend a standard action to touch a target creature and heal 3 points of damage per level of the highest-level conjuration (healing) spell you have available to cast. You can use this ability only on a target that has been reduced to one-half or fewer of its total hit points. The effect ends once you've healed the subject up to half its normal maximum hit points. This ability has no effect on creatures that can't be healed by cure spells.

As a secondary benefit, you gain a +1 competence bonus to your caster level when casting conjuration (healing) spells.
Healing, Bard Spell Casting, Destruction
CLAP OF THUNDER (Complete Mage pg. 40)

You can deliver a thunderous roar with a touch.

Prerequisite: Ability to cast 3rd level spells.
Benefit: As long as you have a sonic spell of 3rd level or higher available to cast, you can deliver a melee touch attack as a standard action. This attack deals 1d6 points of sonic damage per level of the highest level sonic spell you have available to cast. Additionally, the subject must succeed on a Fortitude save or be deafened for 1 round.

As a secondary benefit, you gain a +1 competence bonus to your caster level when casting sonic spells.
Sonic Magic, and Stealthy Sword Arm.

Description: As the consummate performing artist, Closimir can easily adopt a wide variety of personages and appearances. He always dresses for the moment, whether that be as a gambler dealing from a marked deck, as a court jester entertaining a local nobleman with his comedic antics, as a performer singing and playing his guitar to pick up a few silvers in the village inn, or even as a traveler exploring the nearby ruins. Recently, however, the huckster has adopted a new facade selling to the masses a home remedy
Consisting mostly of cheap, strong alcohol
elixir from a traveling wagon that will cure any ailment under the guise of Dr. Ninovete Vladislov, that is before he was recruited by the church to combat evils facing the land.

The bard’s dark brown hair frames his prematurely aging face which is dominated by his bright green eyes and a deceptive smile. Alessandro sports various weapons in his arsenal, including a magical long sword, fine composite short bow, and a plethora of potions, scrolls and magical trinkets at his fingertips, all of which are intended to protect the charlatan or secure his escape when necessary. The musician is equipped with a magic mithral buckler while wearing a dark green cloak and a shiny mithral chain shirt hidden under his colorful clothing. The bard’s smallish, yet solid frame bespeaks of a man not only learned in matters of magic, but also one who has seen his share of open combat over the years and who remains in battle-ready condition.

Personality: Closimir's personality is as practiced and varied as are the wide variety of guises he wears while pursuing his con games. Thus, the flim-flam man can and will be anyone or anything that fits the situation and suits his needs and desires. To him, appearing happy, distraught, remorseful, contemplative, and so on are merely masks of the world's theatre the he can put on and take off at will. The bard has had to look out for himself as long as he can remember, and frankly the interests and needs of those he meets rarely enter into his personality equation.

For Closimir, it’s all about the here and now; getting what he wants when he wants it. While he is not greedy, he sees it as no crime nor sin to lighten the burden of too many coins in other’s pocketbooks as long as no one gets hurt. While some of this money is spent on wine, women and song, the vast majority of his profits are spent on equipment and magical trinkets designed to keep him out of trouble or to make a run for it when necessary. While relaxed and laid back most of the time, Ninovete is above all else a man of action and has absolutely no tolerance for pure evil uncharacteristically opposing it righteously whenever found which sometimes has resulted in this talented musician biting off more than he can chew. After the way he grew up, one thing is for sure; Closimir will not sit idlely by while someone powerful hurts another with lessor power.


Race: Human
Age: 28
Alignment: Lawful Good
Class: Paladin

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