Welcome to the Dark Heart of the Jungle

Rolling for me may get a bit complicated down the line, I have abilities that modify stats as immediate actions, and others that will eventually shift things around in attack, damage, and iterations. Roll for starting gold, correct?

Just send your character sheets in a private message, I'll summarize them and make a character thread for easy reference.

I'm only wanting to roll to keep things moving, I'll go with the group consensus.

This is the second PtP game I've GMed, I haven't actually played in one yet. If you've got pointers, I'd appreciate it

Here is what I tell my players:

BattlesBattles can actually be a little bit smoother online than in person (but slower). Here's how it'll go.
  1. Battle begins-- I'll describe the situation (including any damage you take, if you're surprised) and ask for both initiative rolls and actions.
  2. I'll always *try* to include a map so it's easier to visualize, along with the current spells in effect and how much longer they'll last.
  3. Whenever you post in battle, include your current HP at the top (and anything else you think is important). Describe your actions for the round, and include any rolls necessary (attack/damage, initiative, skills, etc). Post whenever you get the time, even if someone with higher initiative hasn't posted yet.
  4. Once everyone has posted (or sooner,see #5), I'll post the results of the round. You'll have to give me some creative license, for the following reason: If you're last in the initiative and want to attack someone, he might already be dead by the time your initiative turn comes around. Rather than ask you to post new actions and keep everyone waiting, I'll do my best to change your actions so that their spirit is preserved and you act in character. If you're super-disappointed with the results, we'll try to work it out.
  5. If a player doesn't post within 24 hours of me posting the situation for the round, I will act for them, keeping with their character.
  6. Here is the table we will use for critical misses

Here is an example of how this kind of battle goes, from the most recent combat in my game.

Feel free to take or not take whatever you want!

Will PM my character sheet and background to you later tonight (so you won't get it until tomorrow, right?).

Yay! I made the cut.

Ori Stone, sholarly wizard Fellow at your service..
It is gladdening to see a druid and a cleric in the mix, I was stressing not having enough skill points for religeon and nature (Which are far more useful to a party than history or nobility, but less flavorful...)

Standard Roll for Coin?

Starting Gold:
Dice Roll:
d6 Results: 3, 2, 4, 3, 3 (Total = 15)

Will be paring down some of my starting gear if we're going with rolls. Let me know.

Standard gold, yes. I'll be providing the information on the colonies supplies, which will include more coin but that'll have to be used for other stuff. The party will have control over the money for the whole group, though, so I guess if you wanted to spend it all on ale and whores you can. ;-)

I'm pretty free and loose with the rewards, so don't worry if you don't have what you need. The money will come.

If you haven't invited P33J to play, then I would like to apply with a dwarven cleric of Torag who is determined to do anything to defend his flock. If the position of cleric is already taken, then I'll be a dwarven fighter who has acted as the town guard for many years.


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