Welcome to the Dark Heart of the Jungle

Starting Gold:
Dice Roll: 2d6*10
d6 Results: 5, 3 (Total = 80)

Dwarven Cleric would be fine, however we're a little light on muscle. We've got a druid, a wizard, and a gunslinger. Gunslinger's can certainly deal out damage. It's entirely your call, healing is also very important.

As said earlier, I can play a fighter, if that's preferred. Mr. Shiningbeard-- it seems that you and I are in the same situation! Both of us are considering a divine caster and a melee'er.

Would you prefer one over the other? I'll change my character if you'd like (I'm less concerned about what character I play and more concerned about being a player! ).

Just a heads up for mechanics, since there is some discussion about needing a fighter or not. I'm starting with probably 13 HP, 18 AC, and a melee of +3. HP and AC will scale well, but melee attack is only getting a +1 each level, so not sure if that's enough to carry the party as a front-liner if needed as one. If I'm not needed in that role I'll probably be tossing throwing weapons until 6th level. 6th level on I'm probably going to be in melee range for most of any longer battles anyway.

If all else fails and the party needs a meat shield, I'll make one or I'll just scale the combat differently. I don't want anyone to abandon a good character idea just to fill a party slot.

Originally Posted by Bumblor
I don't want anyone to abandon a good character idea just to fill a party slot.
All of my character ideas are good ideas.

Especially the bards focused on melee combat. (Rest in Peace, Diggle...)

Currently geared for battlefield control(Grease, color spray, to maximize usefulness to the community) and survivability(Toughness and Improved Init, because a dead wizard isn;t very useful), as he levels I will be focusing on world altering effects (Shape stone, Wall of X, Continual Flame, Etc.) and Magic Item Creation. Starting with scroll scribing, for which he has the materials to start work on three of even now...

Probably enlist one of the divine casters to help make sure we have at least one reserve curelight scroll early on...

Alright, sounds like we've got a pretty well balanced party. I've got two character sheets. Just waiting on a character from shinningbeard and we can get started. I'd like to get an email address from everyone, I have pictures and maps and such to send and it would just be easier to do it through email.

I knew a combat bard in an in-person game once. Blasted myself off a donkey, through the air, into the bard and we both fell off of a cliff. I learned there IS a thing as too much firepower for a gunslinger...


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