Agelia of Mystra

I picked Deneir as a deity, it's on the character sheet under the Deity section, as well as in the fluff.


You will need to jot down memorized spells, but other than that the character should be all good.

Now, question about Magic-User do we determine the ones we start with? Do you roll for a number, or anything like that? I know detect magic and read magic usually come with the package, but each DM has its own rules.

You get read magic, detect magic, and one spell of your choice from your specialist school. The other 7 I will pm to you this evening, which will include 3 from your school and 4 random.

EDIT: I'll be sending you the 3 random spells from Alteration tonight, but I cannot do the other 4. Why?

In my campaigns, mages are always specialist mages (see the section on spell casters below), and this limitation applies to multi-classed mages as well. However, due to the mage not focusing entirely on magic, he/she loses 1 additional school that he/she may never learn spells from in addition to the standard opposition schools PLUS any from his/her chosen mage kit. Yes, this means that a multi-classed mage may have up to 4 opposition schools that are barred from being used by the mage.
You only list Abjuration and Necromancy as opposition schools, which are standard for Transmuters. However, as a multi-classed mage, you also need to select an additional school that is in opposition to you that you cannot learn spells from. When you select that, I can send you the other 4 spells.

Nevermind, re-deciding Enchantment as third prohibited school.


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