Thur Ackar

Thur Ackar

Alright. The following rolls are all in order from what I understand of the house rules, unless I pick human in which case I get to rearrange them.


Hmm, found some books after all. Lessee. Pick set 1, go with a Mountain Dwarf fighter (thinking Myrmidon kit) for:

str: 15
Dex: 10
Con: 17
Int: 11
Wis: 11
Cha: 12

And ookay, doesn't look like I can change thread title after all.

Oh but looks like you can. Or something. I dunno what's going on.

I changed the thread title, which it looks like I'll have to do for everyone. No worries.

And no, there is really no difference on AC if you don't have a shield or DEX bonus.

I was tempted to move my current position over to the Kryptgarden Forest, and seeing about a tie in with yourself given the similar age and whatnot...
Sadly, it's far too dangerous to want to set up as a home camp, and to be honest the Orcs of Sword Mountains are not the type of people I want to be near!

Heh, I'm open to suggestions, the Realms lore is not strong with this one. I just looked at a map and looked for some mountains near Waterdeep.

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