Wildblade Songdance

Wildblade Songdance

Dice Roll: 4d6v1r1z 4d6v1r1z 4d6v1r1z 4d6v1r1z 4d6v1r1z 4d6v1r1z
d6 Results: 6, 6, 6 (Total = 18)
d6 Results: 6, 5, 5 (Total = 16)
d6 Results: 6, 2, 5 (Total = 13)
d6 Results: 5, 5, 5 (Total = 15)
d6 Results: 4, 6, 5 (Total = 15)
d6 Results: 5, 5, 5 (Total = 15)
1.Set of stats (18,16,13,15,15,15)
Dice Roll: 4d6v1r1z 4d6v1r1z 4d6v1r1z 4d6v1r1z 4d6v1r1z 4d6v1r1z
d6 Results: 4, 3, 4 (Total = 11)
d6 Results: 4, 5, 4 (Total = 13)
d6 Results: 4, 6, 2 (Total = 12)
d6 Results: 5, 5, 6 (Total = 16)
d6 Results: 3, 3, 6 (Total = 12)
d6 Results: 4, 3, 4 (Total = 11)
2.Set of stats (11,13,12,16,12,11)
Dice Roll: 4d6v1r1z 4d6v1r1z 4d6v1r1z 4d6v1r1z 4d6v1r1z 4d6v1r1z
d6 Results: 3, 2, 4 (Total = 9)
d6 Results: 6, 3, 6 (Total = 15)
d6 Results: 4, 4, 3 (Total = 11)
d6 Results: 6, 2, 6 (Total = 14)
d6 Results: 2, 2, 6 (Total = 10)
d6 Results: 3, 4, 6 (Total = 13)
3.Set of stats (9,15,11,14,10,13)

Dice Roll: 1d100
d100 Results: 16

Str 19
Dex 17
Con 12
Int 15
Wis 15
Cha 14

Advancement: Wildblade is an unwilling psionicist. He looks on the powers given to him like a sickness, something that can be cured. He is a warrior and that is what he will always be. He will find it hard to come to grips with his powers as he advances and most of the powers will be the type that will enhance himself, he will never take telepathy powers. He is afraid he will cause the same thing to happen again to his bladesinger tutor.

hahahaha this is the 2nd AD&D char that rolled teleport as a wild talent, irish luck be working tonight! Banishment and teleport plus any one Devotion, not a bad roll for wild talent. I like tribal psionicist its too cool

Too bad

hmm.. to roll wild talent, you need to roll under 0.5% (base change being 1% and that halves, as your character is elf..) but I think there was something on Gms rules, that noone rolls for wild talents or something.

Can you tell me where you pulled that from? Per the Wild Talent tables in The Will and the Way, Pages 94 and 95, your d100 roll puts you at rolling on the Sciences table. The roll of 69 on the Sciences table gives you Teleport. How do you end up with an additional devotion and banishment? Need an explanation on how you managed this when I'm seeing you ended up with Teleport...

@tonizio: His kit allows him to roll for an additional wild talent.

hmmm there is a table in there? i used the table in Psionic handbook which is where i got it. Didnt notice was a new table so just used the pisonic handbook one.

oh, my bad. (that change for wildtalent was from comp psionist) Didint know it was kit based thing.

Use the table in The Will and the Way. Your kit is from that book, and those tables are designed for those kits.

According to The Will and the Way, page 94:

This system of generating wild talents replaces the wild talent tables contained in The Complete Psionics Handbook.

To determine your character’s wild talent, roll on Table I with a 1d100. This will indicate which discipline your character’s wild talent is in. Then make a second 1d100 roll on the indicated table. Your character may receive a bonus prerequisite power for the talent indicated; these are marked by an asterisk (*). A character may only roll three talents‚ but there is no
limit to the total number of powers— - talents requiring prerequisites could give the character as many as seven discrete powers.
The bolded part is my emphasis, and shows that your kit uses the tables in this book. For clarification, your kit allows you to roll once, not up to 3 times as indicated in the 2nd paragraph.

Now, you roll d100 and consult Table 1. A roll of 100 on Table 1 gives you the discipline of Sciences, so you roll d100 on Table 7. A roll of 69 on Table 7 gives you Teleportation. Simple.

Sucks that you rolled 100 and there isn't anything really extra for it. But that's the way it works sometimes.

as if teleportation is lousy power to beginning with...witch it isint


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