Wildblade Songdance

boo :P still teleport is a crazy useful skill. Now the question i got, under wild talent it says i get 4 PSP each level for having a wild talent, so does that apply to me, since my kit says i get extra PSP as normal for wild talent.

I assume i get 20 PSP from teleport as that is the cost to jump the smallest distance. not a bad boost. Still cant believe i rolled teleport again. I only ever had 1 PC in the 15 years roll a wild talent(same one that roll 00 for his str though heh) and he got teleport as well heh. 1st level teleporting is fun

Interesting that the blocked text shows initial cost as 10+, but the minimum amount shown in the table for 10 yards is 20. So...you get 20.

And yes, you get the additional 4 PSP every level, starting at 2nd level, because you have a wild talent.

well at least that will help as my Wisdom Int, and Con are bare min, was worried about having enough PSP to do anything useful. I know how i got to Waterdeep now, can you say mishap teleport Was wondering why my wood elf would be in the city heh, now he just get a way out

Ok i think my guy is done, sheet filled out and everything updated.

I got a question that wont need to be answered until i am selected. The power Animal Affinity from psionic handbook says when you take it roll to see which animal you are link to, is there any way to relink yourself? Seems a bit boring to have such an interesting power always do the same thing. myabe at each level you reroll or if i take it a 2nd time?

I added a writing sample and a section on his advancement help you get a feel for how i will be playing the character, is there anything i am missing that you can see?

I've got some really bad news for you wrathgon. Your Sylvan Elf is not acceptable for the campaign. Complete Book of Elves, Page 81. I suggest you read it and either give me an extraordinarily god-like good reason why he would leave the forests and want to go adventuring with people he doesn't know (especially starting IN A CITY), or you'll have to re-do your character. Why? Because as a Sylvan Elf, he is not going to make the cut based on his race.

Just letting you know as you still have several days to get this done, and I didn't want to screw you over at the last minute.

Well i thought my background did a good enough job dealing with that but if you still need more reason here is the other one.

That works for me. Although you won't know what the quest is at this point.

cool, mercy of the DM, got to love that....

have you actually read how i got to waterdeep in my background?

I may add a mark that other elves see to show i am cursed by the Elven gods for RP effects(or to give you a reason for other Elven to dislike me or try to take me out heh)

Dont worry i wont make things easy for myself or others to like me I only see it being easier if the other psionic gets in, then i have a reason to follow him around, cause would try to learn as much as i can off him. If he doesnt get in then will have to see which races do get in and see which one would work best for me to not completely want to skin and gut on the spot hehe.

Blood apes taking over the world, burn them all and all their cities! Wait did i say that out loud.....


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